2 Base with 4 camera

Hi, I have 2 base with 4 camera, but all 4 cam is set to base 1, I want to move 2 cam to second base, it is possible to move from application?
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I don’t see why not… I guess within the app you would remove the device (camera) from the Homebase and then add a new device (camera) to the other HomeBase and follow the setup / pairing sequence.

just remember when you move the 2 cameras to the other homebase the 2 you move won’t work with the modes they are currently associated with. so if you want to have alexa disarm the system only the master homebase with 2 cameras will be disarmed. the other 2 cameras connected to the other homebase will need to be disarmed manually with the app.

It’s not working in app. Only if I delete the camera and repairing with H2. What I see, if I’m putting in away mode need to put separate H2, crazy, why is not working togheter, increase space for backup.
What I see H2 is working like an extender of a range of WiFi.

they were never designed to work together to extend the range or increase the storage. the only advantage running more then 1 homebase comes when you get more then 5 cameras in the system. if you have a system with lets say 8 cameras you run 5 on the homebase 2 master and then run the other 3 on the homebase 2 slave. in many cases that will create a stable system. it does not mean you have added any storage capacity or have extended the range of the system, it just means each homebase is not being pushed to their limits.

Hi, understand, in this case I need to set on away or other rule 2time, 1 for each to set away to out all camera on X rules. This is not super. Maybe it is possible to create a master virtual base to control both base…

I have 14 cams and 6 sensors all on one Homebase without any issues. I had a second homebase with 2 cams and a sensor in my shed, but spent some time finding the right location and managed to get them all on one Homebase. Been running for a year and a half this way. Lots easier to manage.

I am pretty sure that Eufy doesn’t have the expertise to build the Homebase 3 they have been promising that will allow inter Homebase coms and local storage. They annouced Homebase 3 in Oct 2020, but like most of their other promises, it appears to be just marketing to stop their customers from jumping ship.

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