2 Factor Authentication

Only in Germany and Canada, we want 2FA in Spain.

This needs more eyes seeing it. I think you’re spot on. Added in those regions due to regulations.

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This needs to get to everyone. Even if the 2FA is simply hitting an approved device that is already part of your Eufy Account post setup for approval, it should be deployed ASAP.


I emailed support this week asking about when the 2FA rollout will be for all and they said “1-2 months.” The same answer they gave me 2 months ago and in January. We also need to get rid of these password character limit as well.

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I’m in Canada with the updated app and don’t see an option to actually enable the said 2FA.


I spoke with the customer service fee weeks ago who said they would implement it within the end of the month. He forgot to mention it was in those 2 regions only. Every company basically makes money selling your information so that doesn’t surprise me (unfortunately). What does surprise me is that they don’t implement this for all when their direct competitor (Blink XT2 in my opinion) does. Specially in a security camera product. I think it’s not a smart move as as it stands, I wouldn’t expand on any of the other products. If you can’t convince your existing customers on buy new products then you’re doing something really wrong

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Yes. Please add 2FA for the UK.


At this point what camera doesnt have 2FA other then these. ARLO did it late last year. Because of the crazyness around Ring, and Google nest last year with accounts being practically handed out on hack sites they did it a while ago. I was juat looking at Wyze and they seem to have it.

I bet they are a little gunshy because they dont want to overload there servers after the recent outage, but it needs to get out there ASAP.

A profile hack at this point that could of been avoided by 2FA is the kind of thing that can put companies out of business.

There doesn’t have to be. They could just as easy use email codes and avoid SMS and they probably should as SMS has been shown to not really be a good choice for 2FA. They should also do something like Arlo were there are trusted devices that are pushed an approval request. You approve at that trusted device through the app and that is your 2FA.


+1 for 2fa for the UK

+1 - This should really be a feature worldwide for a device that is essentially broadcasting whatever is going on inside your home if you can guess a username and password. Until this is a feature, I have blocked internet access to my indoor cameras, and use another app to monitor the RTSP streams.

Here’s an article posted about 2 factor authentication and Eufy is named on this list.https://www.consumerreports.org/wireless-security-cameras/home-security-cameras-from-top-brands-lack-basic-digital-security-measures/


@eufy_Official @Mengdi So when are you all plan on rolling out 2FA?!? The compromising of many operating systems with major fails on software engineering such as Microsofts recent core binary hack: Stop What You’re Doing and Patch the Windows Bug That Took Microsoft 17 Years to Fix,today’s hack of Twitter with a massive Bitcoin scam. What is the hold up? Seriously it’s great you all wanna grow and innovate your products but seriously this is a major factor to your entire security setup.

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I’m from Canada and the Eufy app doesn’t support 2FA authenticator apps. Just email and text. Hoping Eufy will add authenticator apps soon, because email and text isn’t that secure.

I was coming from a Wyzecam v2 and it took the Wyze team a long time to implement 2FA authenticator apps; People just kept hounding Wyze in the forum. Wyze also used text as 2FA before.

Glad you have at least something. Would like to see US accounts get it

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Here’s the latest (non)response from a Eufy Customer Support Manager: "The engineer and product team is considering the 2FA for the US market. So sorry for keeping you waiting.

We will surely consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us."

@Mengdi @Yanyee1 - can this please be escalated as a NEEDED feature not just for the US, but globally? I badgered Nest about this for years, and was so disappointed to find the same lack of security from a company that tries to argue it is safeguarding your information.
Best case scenario: you integrate support for 2FA Authenticator Apps.

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Best and most secure option for authentication would be to add native support of FIDO2 tokens such as the YubiKey !

Truly not surprised @ccorry21, thanks for the update on this.

@Haadsecure that is correct on the sms cost but it’s just nuts they said August 2020 and were damn nearly through the month as is. Eufy typical response :poop: as usual and stay tuned folks. But what they are really doing is just messing up the firmwares to create other bugs. That inevitably ruin the experience of its products.

I am sad that your experience has been so bad. My experience so far is not like yours. Eufy has been steadily improving their products and software. Keep providing your feedback as it is important.

I want to join in on this request. 2 factor authentication is an absolute requirement for any security appliance. I was part of a team to pressure Arlo to add 2 factor to their account login and they finally did a few months ago but it took forever. Please make this a priority. Hackers breaking into accounts is on the rise.