2C randomly turns on while disarmed

I have 4 2C cameras. One of them is inside my house. Tonight was the second time I was woke up while my system was disarmed from the spotlight randomly turning on and shining in my eyes. After a few seconds of looking at it, it just turned back off while simultaneously making a camera lens shutter sound. Makes me wonder if Eufy employees might be sneaking peeks. Makes me very uncomfortable. No event is showing recorded in the app anywhere I can see. One interesting thing is that I turned the camera on and heard almost what sounds like a lens shutter. Then I stopped streaming the camera footage, the spotlight turned off without making the lens shutter sound. Then I tried again. This time start streaming live and the shutter sound happens when the spotlight comes on. Then while still streaming I turn the spotlight off and hear the shutter sound. I tried this multiple times with the same exact result. Which leads me to believe Eufy employees randomly start watching the feed on my camera, don’t expect the spotlight to be set to automatically come on since the camera is called “inside” and then they quickly turn the spotlight off but, continue to watch. Because if they just stopped streaming, the shutter sound wouldn’t happen when the spotlight turns off. I’m really mad about this. Laying here wake at 4:30am and was woke up 45 minutes ago by my camera. Anyone else had this issue?