2K Floodlight Camera

Do not purchase! Better quality camera and services delivered by Ring or others.

Malfunctioning product. Poor customer service: Delays in communication, reps respond without reading details, wrong product sent as warranty replacement. Out of pocket shipping cost to return defective product. Inability and/or unwillingness to refund or compensate.

I really want a floodlight cam but they all suck currently… what was wrong with yours?

I am having a lot of issues as well. The live-feed and motion detection stops working for no reason, which is fixed by restarting the camera but then after a while it will get the same unresponsive behavior. Meanwhile the eufy indoor camera, connected to the same network works flawlessly. Not happy at all with the floodlight

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I have this and when it works it’s great but it is a critically flawed product. It’s the only eufy product I have that occasionally goes to black screen and needs to be fixed by a reset, and the lack of full-time continuous recording on a wired camera is inconceivable.

Great concept but inadequate execution.