2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt Moves on It's Own

I have two of them and the additional one I just bought has moved on it’s own in the middle of the night. The app claims the camera’s firmware is up to date. All motion and sound is off as well.

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Must have bought a haunted camera

Tech support told me to place it in a different room? What’s up with that? I don’t want the camera in a different room, lol.

I have the same issue. I just bought 16 Eufy products this month because we are being vandalized and terrorized in our own home.

The PTZ moving completely on its own has messed up my shots of the vandals coming and going. I have following turned off completely. I have a 128GB high endurance cards in all cameras that aren’t battery based with continuous recording a necessity because of how frequently these criminals are visiting and lingering on our property. We not only needed a high quality photo but they need to work.

Also IFTTT would be a huge help. I would hate to have to go to PoE cams because I am disabled and the headache alone plus the cost is exorbitant compared to these. We’ve tried all other wireless systems and the latency alone is enough to keep us with Eufy but they seriously need to fix some of these issues. Our vandals are one step away from being a home invasion.

Somewhat same problem, made also a topic about it. My cam turned while i was next to it. But neither did it record that time. Yet cam is 24/7 active. :disappointed_relieved:

+1 here. Twice, in the middle of the night. Motion tracking is turned off, no local storage, just RTSP to my NAS.

again, last night, same time everytime. same rotation also. weird. like it goes to some default state.

It doesn’t happen every night, the first one I bought months ago doesn’t move at random so I don’t know. Same updates and everything.

For now it looks like every 48h at 4.03AM. Very annoying. I switched to local storage, but it doesn’t change this behaviour. Can someone at Eufy check this?

I believe it has been fixed. It’s been several days, and it hasn’t moved at all. Here’s hoping at least.

The camera moved again last night. No luck yet here.
And 48h later again…Eufy can you please fix this?

Last night i got update…i’ll keep you posted

Hope it works out for you. It’s almost been a month and hasn’t moved. I gave up before trying to adjust settings and just hoped a firmware update would fix the issue.