2K Indoor Pan & scan home position

In 2020 I was told that this feature was in the works. As far as I can tell, it’s still MIA. The camera needs to automatically return to its center (or designated) parked position when motion is no longer detected.

this is really needed and ability to not track with security disabled

2K pan is useless without

a lock to curr3nt pointing position
a user settable home position
a patrol mode (like vaccumm that user can set schedule)
a defined detection (360 degree) as current detection hexagon is fix. and useless

Im a bit confused as i though this does exist. In my ios app i can go into angle settings and choose default angle and my camera returns to that .

Ummmmm…. Really? Sure your not talking about the outdoor 360?

Day one I turned off motion tracking…. Sooooo Eufy like to leave this out. Clear they never tried using this camera in real life.