30+ sec delay doorbell livestream

For the past few months I’m having issues with the doorbell. When for example door postman rings the bell, it takes 30+ sec before the livestream opens. Most of the time the one ringing the bell already left.
I’ve asked my colleague, he has the same homebase and doorbell, and he has the same problem.
Please solve this problem asap.


Same here! Very annoying. When there’s a connection, after more than 30 sec… the person at the door is already gone….


Here also the same problem. I have to rush to the door to be on time. Not handy

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Same issue and the delay seems to be getting longer. :slightly_frowning_face:

And here too. Massive delay. Totally negates the point of having a doorbell that you can talk through.


Yes, I have exactly the same problem.

Please solve this

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Sorry, I don’t understand