Adding Family & Guest

How do I add family?

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At the top left of the App you can click the 3 lines icon which allows you to access your accounts settings there is an option there for family and guests

You can invite them and either give them Admin or Guest permissions to your devices


correct! then your guest need to create their own log in. You can always go and change settings to allow or restrict their privileges

I clicked on the steps above. Sent the link to my wife. The app is making her go through the setup phase: connecting it to wifi, activate chime. Any suggestions


I am also having the same issue… The invitation is sent… But when I open my wife’s account, it does not show any invitation received or any button to accept it. I had to sign into my account on her phone! Say I wanna give the privilege to a friend to monitor the house for us when we travel. It is not convenient to grant admin access to everyone! Eufy needs to look into this issue.


Me too :frowning: - currently using my email for my wife’s device, not ideal…

Any updates on this?

@AnkerSupport is this bug being looked into? Guest feature is pretty useless at the moment if I need to share my own account to other family members.

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@Tank @Ice4
Same issue here.
Have sent a claim to support by mail two days ago.
No reply yet.
My family should be able to access the security system too.

Each user needs to create their own account and access is granted through the primary account holder.

From the main app click the 3 bars top left> click family and guest> click the add button> choose the type of access you want them to have and click next> choose the devices they can access and click next> enter their email.

Once they get the email each user has to create their own account and then they can access what they were granted permission.

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All of the steps followed, but nothing to accept in the app on my wife’s phone

You have to go to her email to accept the invite not in the app itself

I have followed those instructions but still she doesn’t see our devices?

Totally agreed, @AnkerSupport, I would like to grant rights like Mode Change (but not access to cameras / settings) to my father in law (also for vacation) and for our gardener. I would like to receive notification if they switch status… but the Guest function now is pretty useless.

It was however a nice feature from my old security system (Egardia)… however, rest is better with Eufy. :grinning:

This is what the Device Sharing invitation email tells:

If you accept this invitation, please go to your eufySecurity app and click the Accept button. If you don’t see the invitation message box, please refresh it on the app homepage.

no invitation on the homepage. I have sent more than 10 times.

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I do not know what it is yall are doing, but the email is as follows

Again, as I mentioned above you have to create an account for each user who gets the invite. Hence the register part of this message. It cannot be a shared account, and should be done on the respective device the app is to be installed on

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Again, not on the home page, ask your family/guest user to check the email for the invitation and follow the instructions to download the app and register to get the access.
email looks like this :point_down:

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We followed everything from email, but my wife still didn’t get invitation after downloading app, registering a new account, and keep refreshing. Seems like a simple sw issue. Tried deleting and resending invites but still doesn’t work.

I’m having the same issue. Just setup some devices and invited my partner. They have followed the registration from email and no access to the devices or apparent way to accept the invite