Adding solocam to homebases set-up with motion and door sensors

Hi there,

I have a full security set-up from Eufy with homebase 2, door sensors, motion sensors, 2C cams and so on set up with automations and panic mode, where either an open door or motion detected by one of the 2C’s will trigger both cam and homebase alarm. I do appreciate this as deterrent at night since all hell will break loose if you approach the house or break up a door or window. Mode setting and disarming is controlled by the Keypad to function easily for the kids as well.

But the 2C camera guarding the house entry pathway does not pick up motion very well at night and is on the edge of the homebase wifi coverage zone leading to poor connection warning. Therefore I’d replace this with the new 40S solar cam that connects to my MESH wifi with great coverage. But i simply cannot figure out if motion captured by the 40S can be automated to also trigger alarm on both the homebase and the other cams in my set-up. If such automation does not work, as the 40S is a standalone entity then it is useless in my set-up.

Do anyone know if i can connect a solocam to interact with units on a homebase and the homebase itself? And if this doesn’t work, then Eufy please make such option available in a future update.

SoloCam (as the same suggests) is completely solo and does not interact with homebase 2.
There are rumours it will with homebase 3, we would have to get official confirmation on that by the developers.

I think I’m in the same boat as you Mic4799. I have a homebase 2 system and would like to consider the 40S, but if integration isn’t possible with these solo cameras I won’t consider it.

Also, if there is plans for a homebase 3 I do hope that it will support the cameras we already have and not require us to buy (again) as I probably won’t.

Some clarity by Anker/Eufy would be appreciated here as to their long term vision for this platform. It feels like they don’t have a clear path.

You would be requiring only a homebase 3, as - again rumoured - all existing products integrate with it.