Alarm sound on all devices

Why don’t they set up a simple routine so when the alarm goes off all devices make an alarm sound. Most people here have multiple devices but when one device triggers the alarm only that device and the homebase alarm sound. Why not trigger an alarm on all devices with sound like the outdoor and indoor cameras, the doorbell etc. Then maybe other devices with the app like phone’s and tablets etc.
They have routines to make one device activate another so why not this?


That would be a good idea :+1:

it is sufficient to insert a rule for each device (as trigger) to start alarm in the others

You can do this already trough automation. When my homebase alarm is activated (IE one device alarm is activated and then the homebase is activated too), all my other devices will sound an alarm.

Not really. You can’t select most devices only certain cameras. Eg you can’t select doorbells etc . Why not give the ability for all devices that can make sound to make an alarm. As you said it’s almost there in automation