Alarm system - siren


Just set up the alarm system and must say I am not impressed. I bought it 3 months ago and just set up today, so out of the 30day money back. 1, not too sure why they decided to make the alarm sound come out if the hub, it gives the hub location away. All someone has to do is turn off your hub and the whole system is down . Not very secure now.

  1. The sound. Level is poor, not very loud.

  2. Is they an external beacon you can use which is obviously a lot better than this device, kinda regretting buying this system now. Wish I went with another brand.

We have been asking Eufy for an external siren for a few years now and still all they say is that the R&D department are looking into it and so still no external siren and like you my experience with Eufy support who are useless wished that I had gone with another brand. Eufy are only interested in selling their junk and do not offer any support when things go wrong, I am so fed up with this bag of junk which I bought and wish I could send it back but like you its past the return dateā€¦ Eufy just do not care about their customers.