Alexa routines not being triggered

This is so frustrating. I bought these devices because of The advertised Alexa integration, only to find when I’d bought them that the functionality has been disabled.

I hope this is been treated as an urgent incident; Eufy must understand that people do not buy products like this to work standalone, and they’ve now broken integration with the most widely used smart speaker.


It’s the same here it’s not working .Eufy must fix this issue on priority I learn from thread it’s an issue dragging since June .

Real dissatisfaction

I am not sure if it will work on streaming to Fire stock

Has this ever worked?

Bought these for the main purpose being Alexa integration.

Have they given any indication if this will ever be fixed?

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Has anyone got a workaround? At the moment i am leaving my phone (android) on loud all night which is a pain for emails etc

I have a ring doorbell which alerts for motion through alexa. All i want is a noise or speech through alexa, or the homebase or my phone when on vibrate

Return them while you can… this people are known for NOT delivering on their promises… On Kickstarter they advertised IFTTT integration (even printed it on the product box), now a couple years later… there is no IFTTT integration. They suddenly dropped Alexa integration and Push notifications are extremely unreliable, they come through randomly and inconsistently.

I tried automating things with IFTTT and android push notifications but it’s also useless do to it’s inconsistency.

I repeat… RETURN the cameras and get any other brand. Even cheap chinese brands live up to their promises… unlike Anker/Eufy

Hey all, it looks like Alexa routines are working with my Eufy cams (v1) connected to a Homebase 1 where if my camera detects motion outside, the Alexa routine will turn on a smart light switch (also connected to Alexa).

The trick to getting this to work consistently is to start your action with a “Notification” simply sending a message like “Motion Detected”

After that action, then add another action to turn on the lights.

For the rest of my routine, I added a wait for 3 minutes and then added another smart light action to turn off the light.

The issue I encountered was that if I didn’t add the notification initially, there would be a 5 minute delay before my light turned on.

Hope this work around works for you all.

It is a bit disappointing that Eufy doens’t support IFTTT but I’m sure they have their reasons.

That said, as long as the Alexa Eufy Skill and Routines work, I honestly don’t need IFTTT at the moment.

Good luck all :wink:

Hey there, I just posted an updated to this thread. It would appear Alexa routines are working. :wink:

HI there, are they working for you? I have a homebase 2, with a combination of eufycam 2, 2 (2k) & 2c’s.

Alexa still not being triggered by Eufy which is a shame,

Otherwise I am about to get some separate motion sensors and put them near the camera locations to achieve the function instead.

Nope still not working for me!!! Is it working for anyone else???

Routine set up to announce and turn on lights…… still doesn’t work!

@Ryan.mcdonald @BigDaveH

Hey there, so Alexa routines are working for me. Here’s my setup. (See images)
You can also see my activity log that shows when it’s been triggered.

(Note that I set Suppress to 0 when I defined what time the routine was enabled)

Delay from when my Eufy Cam sends the notification to my Eufy App to when I get a notification to my Alexa App is about 9 seconds.

If I didn’t setup a notification first, my delay was 10 min :open_mouth:

I’m wonder if this works with older eufy products like the Eufy Cam and Homebase 1?

It’s odd that it’s not working for you both :frowning:

For the camera that you’re using to trigger the motion, did you try disabling the notification (within the Eufy app) for that Eufy Cam, verify it’s really disabled, then re-enable the notification, and verify you’re at least getting instant notification for the Eufy App alone?
Afterwards, try setting up a simple Alexa routine where you just send an alexa notification to yourself with no other actions?

This is how I have my Eufy Notification setup on my Eufy app…

Finally the last thing you may want to try is disabling the Eufy Skill and then re-enabling the Eufy skill within the Alexa app.

I’ve had several cases in the past where disabling and then re-enabling a skill will fix my issue.

Good luck.

Tried all that… still doenst rigger nay Alexa alert / routine.
I have the eifycam2c and doorbell with the Homebase 2.
So maybe it’s Homebase 2 that’s not wokring ?

Anyone else got the trigger routines working on Alexa?

Did your routines only start working again in yeh last few days?
Can you check to see if your Homebase and or cameras received a firmware update in the last few days also?

My last firmware update was on 09/07/2021.

I only started working on my alexa routine late last week.

When I initially did the routine, I encountered that 10 min delay. That triggered me to researching the issue. That’s when I found this forum/thread.

However, I added the notification for testing purposes worked as expected and I then added the additional actions. That all started to work in the time expected.

I would not be surprised if it’s a hardware issue. Either with the Homebase 2 or Eufycam 2c.

I have the older EufyCam (v1) and Homebase 1.

I’d be curious if anyone with my setup has their alexa routine working.

My routine is the same but doesn’t work at all…. Not even delayed. Need other users to advise if Alexa routines now working and wiht what hardware

Well well… My routine is now delayed by 2-3minutes before the Alexa Routine is triggered. :frowning:

And doenst trigger at all…. Didn’t someone post that eufy suggested a fix by end of sept?? Anyone with an official update from this fools at eufy cs??? Wish I hadn’t invested in all the eufy kit now!

Any further official update from eufy on this??

Any further update from eufy??? Awful company

Can someone please tell me if this issue has been fixed? It is very frustrating that i cant do anything with alexa and my 2c pro cams and doorbell.