Alexa routines not being triggered

Here’s a chat I had with support yesterday. Either no one communicates there or they’re purposely avoiding the subject.

Pathetic waste of space of a company! What about the previous replies that said they were working on a fix and it would be ready via firmware update by sept?
Honestly absolutely terrible company and customer care!

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I’m literally going to find someone who works for Anker/Eufy on LinkedIn and ask them what’s up. this is basic functionality for a smart device with motion sensing

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Well I hope you get a response that is honest and addresses the issue but I doubt you will! The latest response from customer services indicates they aren’t even trying to fix it after previously saying they acknowledge the problem and are working on a fix….
Everyone should flood Amazon, their own website, and trust pilot with bad reviews highlighting the terrible functionality and awful post sale customer service.
Maybe that will eventually get their attention and prompt some effort from them to sort things out…


Does anyone from Eufy actually monitor these forums and ever address any of the questions and issues being raised?


I asked Reed from Smart Home Solver to check his and apparently it works for him, so I ended up switching my Amazon profile to Amazon US and reset everything only to find out that sure enough it is not working still

Does he know what we mean by Alexa routine? Maybe he thinks it just means that Alexa announces when there is a doorbell press which we know works……? I don’t know of anyone else on these forums taht says Alexa routines are wokring……


I also tried to turn on and off my lights based on my cameras and doorbell motion and I got no result at all. The only routine that works is the doorbell press which I use to play a sound in my Echo, but just that. I would like to use activity and inactivity of my internal and external cameras to turn on and off the lights, something really trivial but I don’t know why this is not working even with the motion option visible on the Alexa App.
Looking by the age of this thread I guess this is a long-standing problem with no end solution in sight.

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Any news? Can anyone get motion detected on eufycam 2pro or even eufy battery doorbell to trigger a routine on Alexa dot or echo ?
If I hit play routine I get it to do exactly what I’ve set up - increase volume on echo device, turn on smart plugs (with lamps plugged in), open blind & announce on the echo there’s activity outside but absolutely nothing when the cameras pick up motion!! Arghhhh what’s going on!? All firmware is up to date on my eufy system…this is infuriating me!! Help please


Eufy switched off their servers form pushing yeh notification through t Alexa some months ago due to problems. So yes the functionality is there in a Alexa fro some time to create and trigger routines but eufy have basically disabled it from their end.
Despite multiple people raising tickets about it hanst been resolved and latest info seems to be that it won’t be…… So irritating. I will never by another eufy or ankle product ever again.


Just don’t buy an arlo device! That was my worst ever purchase of anything ever purchased …the support is absolutely shocking! Eufy is an absolute dream compared to Arlo

Omg well arlo just be truly awful! I honestly think my eufy cameras and their failure on so many things they promised is beyond bad.
Alexa integration - fail
Their can delete videos by pressing the sync button - fail
Activity zones don’t work- fail!!!

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Still no update on this? I would like to be able to make my money’s worth out of this company being advertised as providing Alexa integration.


@Yanyee1 @Mengdi so is anyone looking into this ?

These cameras were sold with the Alexa integration AND the promise of Alexa push notifications by eufy!

So why are they not suitable and why do you continue to sell the units with Alexa stickers on them?

These units are expensive and we all expect them to work as we want and as advertised or sold to us - why on earth can you not re enable the push notifications via Alexa, let us be the judge on if we want to use them or not - don’t just disable them full stop?!

Please can we get a response - @Mengdi we all want to get this working ASAP and no false promises as always !

The routines on Alexa work fine - it’s the integration of motion detection notification to Alexa even though the skill is enabled … sort it out otherwise you will be tasked on your mis-sold products !

Please respond, and be open honest and transparent regarding the issue


Here is the latest reply from tech support:

Thanks for contacting Eufy Customer Support.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please be advised that we now support some of the functions via the voice command in Alexa. For eufycam, it supports live streaming via voice control. But for the routine, we are sorry to let you know that since there are some features in it that needs to be repaired, this function, we now indeed have stopped this integration at present.

Please rest assured that our engineers have been working on this and if everything works well, this could be realized in 3-4 months.

Sorry again for the hassle and if there is anything further we could assist with, please kindly do let us know:

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That is a crap response. I’ve just bought 2 x floodlight cam 2 pro because of the ‘Alexa integration with routines. I want them to trigger a routine which switches on some smart plugs with lamps connected and to make an announcement across all of my 6 x Echo devices which camera triggered the routine “motion detected driveway gates” etc.


It’s crap I know … they don’t even respond on here @Mengdi to the question … I bought these units and they worked with Alexa now they don’t so , I’m sure compensation is in order as they now don’t do what I bought them to do


They said they were working on a fix ~4months ago already and that a fix would be in place within 1 month then 2 months then September…… now it’s November and they say the fix is at least another 3-4 months away!
Clearly telling lies and have no intention of fixing it.
Not for for purpose or as described!
Get your money back if you still can and never buy another eufy product and tell anyone who asks the same.


New Reply from formal complaint:

Dear CCTV,

Thanks for your message.

I could totally understand your feeling and frustration in this case. Also, we extend our sincere apology in this to you for all possible inconvenience and hassle caused to you.

This temporary removal is because that we notice that there are some problems with such an integration in the use and for a better usage experience for our customers, we decide to have a optimization of such a smart integration before completely lauching it for users again.

If possible, could you please kindly give us some more time for the follow-up improvement? We also notice the feedback from our customers and also really concerned about it.

Our R&D team has also been working on this to strive for a ceratin result as soon as possible. Of course, if you have any complaits or concerns about this, we undertand and also respect your own willingness in this.

If there is anything more we could do, please kindly let us know and we will take a further look and help on it.

My Alexa routines that turn on outdoor lights when my cameras detect motion we’re working until just a few days ago. Although I’ve had minor issues (slight delays with lights going on after motion detected, sometimes lights not turning on until you get really close to the camera), it did what I wanted it to do. It was great - I had it set so that the outdoor lights came on for 10 minutes if motion was detected between certain nighttime hours - it worked! Having it disabled is a really disappointing customer experience. Why not just improve on the current functionality while enabled instead of completely disabling it??

Please, give us something while you make improvements. I think some/limited functionality is better than nothing at all.

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