Announcement about Homekit - Indoor Cam

I know but in this case, factories have been shut, transport and everything else has been affected. Just bringing up “Law Suit’s” is ridiculous.

How are you buddy?


It seems like basic HomeKit is avail but same time as HSV:


Fair enough point, especially since this release actually did hinge on manufacturing being on time.

Anker has tried to blame other late releases on the pandemic, on things that were supposed to release last fall lol.

I’ve been pretty good. Works been keeping me real busy lately (worked 80hrs last week).


Will this be via firmware for current wired doorbell
Or will it be a new wired doorbell? (The Home Kit)

They come Usps and even with a tracing number on them and with Usps inform delivery I did not get any updates you can send eufy a email and they will send you the tracking number I put my order number in the email and asked for the tracking placed on day was release was in my mailbox may 29th because I did not get alert from informed Usps I did not get the mail till the first and was like well this is on me

Thanks for your reply yeah I recall applying for beta along time ago for Anker just thought that it would be more clear on what beta products and programs.

Got the following from Support

For the IndoorCam 2K Homekit feature, so sorry to let you know that the HomeKit x HKSV feature will be officially released in July if everything goes well.

The reason for the HomeKit feature delay is the specialist team is trying to make these two features achieve at the same time. So we still need another 3-4 weeks to test the function.

We are very sorry for keeping you waiting. For the beta version firmware, we will have the test version ready by the end of June.


How can we sign up for the beta? This is what I was most excited for when I pre-ordered!


That’s far to much but think of the dollars :slight_smile:

Aww yeah :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

Pay attention to our community, we will initiate beta user recruitment this month :smile:


Waiting for the beta program. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s alright. We can wait. HSV is worth it. Keep it up and just communicate.

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I don’t think there is any promise or commitment that it will be for the doorbell.

Thanks for the update. HSV is the reason why I purchased this camera. I’ll sign up for beta for sure when available

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Released in July. Just enough time so that most everyone will be beyond the 30 day return period when they say it’s not happening. Lol

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I believe the embedded chip on the camera provides local, safe, and intelligent detection. You can find more info in the Eufy Security App: Settings-> Smart Detection

Thank you for the update, can’t wait to get these awesome cameras integrated into our HomeKit setup!


I would like to be part of beta!

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I also want to participate in the beta.

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