[Answer Released CA Only] Oct.13 Mega Autumn Sale Contest

DBD, thanks very much!

Answer A.C.C

Answer: ACC

My answer is: DDC

My answer would be ABA!

answer bcc

Answer is:


DCD! Bonne journée


Clearly the answer must have two “D’s” in it because they gave the hint “only one item is discounted”.

How are people not realizing this?


Is my best guess!

Answer is BCC

Here is my response


The answer is BBC

My guess would be DDC

My guess is C. 159.99 C.49.99 C.499.99

My Answer is: DDC

2K Video doorbell - no discount (D)
Indoor Cam 2K - no discount (D)
EufyCam E 3-Cam Kit - 499.99 ©

Let there be MAGIC :slight_smile:

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My answer is:
B - 2K Video Doorbell
D - Indoor Cam 2K
D - EufyCam E - 3 Cam Kit

I think ABC is correct

My guess is D D C


Good Luck Me