Any plans for external sounder

Any plans for a wireles external ringer?


Eufy , many of us will buy if you create external siren. Homebase alarm volume is too low to alert neighbours. On positive side, I give credit to Eufy for chase away one intruder when camera and Homebase alarm rang. Still it would be good if my neighbours notice but he didn’t.


Please everyone post reply here to show Eufy our enthusiasm to buy external siren!

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Need external alarm!!


So… this request is nothing new. I for one don’t want my homebase screaming for attention. But for sure I want it to be named. “The Eufy SOUNDER”. Awesome

Wow! I’ve had the Eufy wireless doorbell for a while now and really liked the product. (Got rid of a Ring because I hated the need for a paid subscription and tethering it to the cloud.) I just decided to spring for the other items needed to make a working home security system out of it, so bought a new keypad, 2 door sensors, 2 motion sensors and a couple of outdoor cameras. But quite frankly? I just assumed some kind of loud siren was an option Eufy sold for this! That’s crazy if they think the Homebase is a suitable siren! It’s not even loud enough for me to hear it from my basement when I’m upstairs and the doorbell rings. (I have several Alexas around that are paired up to it so they alert me throughout the house.)

It seems like the lack of a siren and the lack of decent support for custom actions in Alexa based on things like the door or motion sensors triggering is really dragging down the usefulness of these products.




Need external alarm!


Highly agree. I set our alarm off by opening a door and didn’t even realize the alarm was going off for several minutes. It’s like a children’s toy. We have water detectors that are the size of a bar or soap that wake everyone in the entire house up when they go off. It’s absurd to pretend that quiet, goofy alarm would scare any intruder away.


100% Eufy need to create a separate external wireless siren which can actually deliver a huge volume to alert neighbouring houses and scare of intruders. The current in-built camera sirens (even at max volume which is claiming to reach 90dcb) are not sufficient. There is a demand for this add on product so come Eufy, listen to the feedback.



Yes a siren would be great, I would have the whole alarm system if there was one.

We really need an external siren/alarm/sounder. The homebase is cute but is completely inaudible outside.

External alarm needed!!!

Preach. Same issues for me. I took a nap downstairs the other day and my system went off(non emergency) and I didn’t even flinch. Barely can hear it when awake. I stopped buying Eufy for this one reason. I need my system to wake me up at night, in the event of something going down. And without an external siren, this very basic task won’t happen.

Or wake you from in the event of a night break in. The bad guys would wake me before my security system would…….

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I fully agree. We definitely need an external siren

Hi Team;
An external and internal siren is definitely required.
I really challenge the logic of an alarm system that does not have one, especially an alarm system which isn’t monitored. Having a siren in the homebase is really not sufficient. In fact, it’s detrimental to security - it’s like an alarm that tells a possible intruder where the evidence of their intrusion/crime is being kept.
I already have 6 Eufy Cameras with a homebase unit.
I’m looking to purchase the door lock and alarm system but an internal screamer is the only thing holding me back.
Please, please have an internal and external siren option.

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I fully agree, i give them some time more (2 months). After that I will change to another system.

I agree. Need an external alarm siren.