Are you ever going to fix geofencing?

I have eufy cameras and alarm. The geofencing is absolute garbage.

The alarm literally arms while I am in bed sleeping, while set to only arm when I am away from home. This causes them to constantly go off when I stumble down the stairs in the morning and get reach the pad quick enough (cause it comes completely unexpected)

It completely fails to detect when I am home or away. I can be gone for hours and it still won’t detect. Sometimes when I actively open the app again (foreground) it suddenly seems to remember we moved.

It is absolutely garbage. I’ve seen this blamed on IOS and such by Eufy but I am literally on the newest iPhone model and newest iOS version. It’s also tied to only 1 single phone.

Is this ever going to get fixed? My entire alarm/camera (probably €500+ investment) system is completely useless now and I wish I had bought something else.

I bought this because I live all alone and to have a sense of security but it completely fails at that, as I know just leave the alarm off due to how much the geofencing sucks.

This is completely unacceptable. I’ve waited a little over a year to see if this garbage will be fixed/improved with Eufy pointing at iOS but they’re simply giving excuses and then not doing anything to address tbe issue.

In comparison my Tado app, installed on the exact same phone, manages to detect my location just fine, so maybe stop blaming the phone/iOS. It’s your lousy programming. Fix it.

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I agree with you about Eufy support blaming everything for problems we are experincing on our other devices and not looking into their rubbish products which worked well intil dome one at their R&D department decided to put out a firmware update which broke many peoples systems and I too have spent well over £700 on as system which is useless and unfortunately I cannot return system. My only wish would be that someone from Eufy management read these forums and get their support department into shape because at the minute they do not have a clue in trying to solve faulty equipment and I also wish they would stop spamming us with new products and instead fix the systems that are in our homes.

We customer here. Same. Geofencing doesn’t automatically switch. Following

I am in the same boat geofencing doesn’t work correctly and might as well be deleted from the next firmware.Eufy don’t care about customers they are a Chinese money grabbing organization