Battery Doorbell battery draining on wired

Good day.

I have the 2k battery doorbell. Last winter, it seemed to be working fine. I believe I was getting 1-2 months out of the charge. Unfortunately that unit developed a recording issue so I was sent a replacement this past fall.

This unit is really struggling to hold a charge. It is minus 28c which I know is very cold, but the doorbell is losing 10% power per day! It is wired into a 10v 5va transformer. Sometimes the wired connection icon shows, but other times like this morning, it is back on the battery icon (again, minis 26c this morning).

I am trying to figure out how I could possibly resolve the battery depleting issue.

Thoughts I have:

  1. When it is too cold to charge the battery, the system shuts down this function and thus I get the battery icon.
  2. As a result of 1 above, when my doorbell gets a chance to charge, my transformer is too week to adequately charge the doorbell, thus I should try a 24v transformer.
  3. There is an issue with the battery, the doorbell or software.

Unfortunately, eufy has not been helpful in providing troubleshooting or ideas and of course, will not replace the unit given my warranty is done. That said, maybe the unit is not defective.

I have been looking for 24v 30va transformers, but I can only find 24v 40va. Also, if I go with that, can it cause issues with my mechanical chime or possibly be a fire hazard? The transformer is installed at my breaker panel box. So low voltage wires run from there in my basement, up to my chime, then out to the doorbell.
I have also thought about buying one of those plug in transformer units on Amazon and connecting it to the wires in my basement by removing them from the current transformer. I Have a plug right there by my breaker panel.

Any ideas and thoughts on possible solutions are very welcome! Thanks!

I don’t know why you’re having that issue. But speaking from an electricians point of view, going from a 24v 30va to a 24v 40va is no problem at all. Also, I would assume that for the wired connection, to keep your battery charged, you would need a 24v connection, not a 10v.

I’m having the same issue with my Eufy Doorbell 2K battery. I got mine back in 2020 and usually during the winters is when the battery drains faster, but this winter I’ve been recharging almost every week my doorbell. The average temperature during the winter where I live is 30 degrees Fahrenheit / -1 degrees Celsius. The frustrating part is that I have human detection only for recordings, and I barely have anybody passing in front of my door. My average number of recordings per week is 5 and videos of 10 seconds max (because I use the Optimal Surveillance), so technically the battery shouldn’t be draining this fast. I contacted Eufy recently and said to basically reset my doorbell. Because I just got this response from Eufy today, I’m going to try resetting the doorbell today and we’ll see how the doorbell performs after this. Eufy also let me know to contact them again if this problem persists. I hope your issue also gets fixed.

Thanks. At the doorbell, it gets 13v. It is weird because their specs say 8-24v.

I even asked tech support the question and they just ignored and said nothing. They did offer 30% off a new product! Not sure how that helps with my current doorbell? Lol

I will look into upgrading the transformer to a 24v or 16v.

They did not provide me any tips at all other than to upload logs to them.

I did read from reddit, that removing the device and adding it has helped some people. I also read that using the u shaped wires provided in the box to wire it up rather than bare wires shapped into a u can help with power connections. Last thing I found, was to not use custom settings and use optimal.

So I basically did all three. Right now, the battery is way more stable. It has only dropped 5 % in the past 4 days, so approx. 2% per day. But I am way colder here than you are.

So what has made my battery more stable, I am not sure. The power is still not charging it, 13v at the doorbell, but it remains cold so maybe this is to protect the battery and once we finally get a day above freezing, it may begin to trickle charge.

They did offer me 30% off a new product purchase! Lol