Battery doorbell powered, how quick does yours charge?

it hit 89% and the charger icon started animating showing charging. Hope it gets to 90% from a ALL night charger :roll_eyes:

I have the battery doorbell as well and the battery only last me ~25 days or so. I find I’m charging it more often than I’d like. Can you tell me what you bought and how you wired it to charge?

Have you got old doorbell wire or have to get a 18v or 24v transformer plug(UK). Drill hold in the wall and connect to doorbell & plug to power outlet. Can get off amazon.

I got this 18v 800mA one. The cable is quite short but it worked out for me.

I drilled a hole through the doorframe, fed the wire through, routed it along thr side of the French door window frame down to the carpet. Then took it around the other side of the door where I have a socket.
The one I got but too early to recommend

Hope it helps

Update for those interested in the thread.
Started the 2nd day with 92 % battery. Connected the transformer and it dropped to 89%. It then showed a animated charging indicator and over night went to 90%.

Jon described the same.

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I managed to measure the volts at the doorbell and it’s 18.4v with just in case anyone was wondering.

Something I notice is that when I plug a USB cable to charge the doorbell, I see the battery icon and a little charging thing next to it. Makes sense that it’s charging. That’s how it always has been in the past when it was plugged into the existing doorbell wires.

Now I notice that it just shows a Power plug icon instead. Does that mean it’s not charging or that it’s on power only mode and not using battery?

Confused on what that means.

Anyone else have this issue?

It’s the new app. It doesn’t show percentage anymore when wired except when you change modes.

Maybe that’s part of the update to the app. I haven’t tested the USB charging since I got the Transformer.

Maybe there is slight difference between iOS and Android.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that I don’t see cloud storage option in iOS.

In the latest iOS, if you switch modes, you see percentage but some one mention that on the latest Android you don’t see percentage at all.


Ive bought a random 18v 800ma ac power adaptor from Amazon. I live in the UK and will be testing this next week.

Ive taken note of when the doorbell is suppose to charge (below 80%).

My only difference is that im using cat 6 to get to the doorbell. Will be combining the pairs though to compensate for the amount of voltage and amperage im sending down the copper (@23 AWG).

My Solar panel fiasco failed. I cant use an electrical spur from my alarm panel (it takes dc power that already transformed). So my cctv guy said i could use the ethernet cables from my old crappy doorbell.

Ethernet takes 40 something volts for poe so 18v should be fine for AC power. Its 0.8 ma so combining the cores should be ok for such a load. The voltage drop isnt much as its only 13 feet.

Wish me luck.

You will be fine. It will charge upto 90% max

So the transformer i bought makes a slight humming or buzzing noise. Apparently thats expected due to the transformer.

In a fit of madness i purchased the ring doorbell adaptor rated at 24VAC 20VA which gives about 0.8333 ma. On the phases im not sure if thats the same. I did so thinking the ring plug wont buzz or hum…plonka.

Anyway, im going to test both for shits.

Using the 24v 500ma for ring doorbell etc from Amazon. Seems to be fine. So far.

Is anyone using an in-line resister, is it necessary?

This is getting very frustrating.
It run out of battery after 1 DAY even being plugged to a 24v/63va transformer…

anyone else has this problem?

Also the app shows only a plug icon and never new the percentage of the battery until it just turned off without any notification…

If you’re on iOS, switch power modes to see battery percentage. If you’re on android, download 1.7 version of the app. I replied to your other post.

We’re using 24v 500ma plug in (as recommended on the back of the bell). When it was below 30% we had the plug icon, we fully charged it (usb) and with the transformer connected we have the battery icon and % . So far it hasnt lost charge over two days but it has only had a handful of detections.

Quick update
Yesterday I fully charged it with usb as it died.
Today after 7 hours, being wired to the transformer and with optimal battery profile it has 66% battery!!!

I think something is wrong.
Probably I am going for a replacement

I’d charge the doorbell and reconnect without the AC transformer and see how long that last for while speaking to support. Definitely get a replacement but rule out your transfer playing a part in the discharge.

Mine seems to drop to 94% and then charged within minutes back to I assume full as I get the plug symbol.

This is from a Hager ST301 8v 4VA transformer so very small power input.
What’s it supposed to charge from and to anyone have an official answer? Surely topping up from 90% is worse than keeping it between 60 and 80%?

Can this be addressed in a firmware update so the battery doorbells stop pulling power at 80% for example?

See my install thread here