Battery doorbell sensor settings

Battery doorbell sensor settings.
I have the 2k battery doorbell and are playing with the settings.

It seems as if I turn the sensor settings to max (5/max) it doesn’t detect me when I walk right past it.

My question : does a higher sensor rating correspond to a longer detection range at the cost of close detection?

Define ‘right past it’. If it cannot detect your upper body or face and you have it set to human only, then nothing happens.
Aside from that, upping the sensitivity does indeed make it pick up motion from farther away. It will, in general, pick up more motion. This means that if the doorbell is too busy doing detection work, it will scale down detection to ‘save battery’.

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Hey thanks for the reply.

Settings are lvl 3 and all motion.
I just walked right by it (the camera 90 degrees to my left) to walk the dog, distance app. 0.5 meters it did not detect me.
On my way back (camera to my right) it did detect me…