Battery doorbell wired

I installed the battery doorbell on my excisting wires. How can I see if it’s not on the battery anymore?

I think if it shows a symbol with a battery and a plug that means it’s charging

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It’s STILL on battery. The existing wires just charge the battery when it gets to about 80%…up to 90%.

No it wasn’t because the battery was at 50% and the original chime didn’t work.

The weird thing now is that in the app the battery symbol is moving like it’s charging, but that’s impossible because I disconnected the wires :man_shrugging:t3:

Unpair from Homebase and then pair again to the Homebase. The charging symbol should disappear. Did that to mine. Think that’s a bug in the software.

Like Hubz87 said:

When you switch off the the power, the symbol changes to a battery without the plug.
This way you can check your wires are connected ok.