Battery Doorbell?

Hi everyone. On the battery doorbell there is an option to connect the existing wires of the doorbell.

My question is does it keep the battery fully charged and is it okay to constantly leave it like that I was thinking of putting a switch that can turn off the charging option. I was wondering if I will lose any features if I just run it on battery mode and only turn on the switch when it needs to be charge instead of removing it to charge it USB

Thanks for any help and advice

Switched to an external power supply 30-days ago. Best choice I ever made. Set up a tight security zone, switch to all motion at level 4, and power manager to optimal. The number of false notifications is tolerable and minimal. No, you will not lose features. With the amount of detected traffic in our neighborhood, the battery life would barely make it two months. Great not to recharge the batteries. Went to a 24VAC 500mA ‘wall wart’ from Amazon.


My battery video door bell has only 38% of power left after 13 days of about 4 video recorded daily on average. Only about 7 days battery power is left.

I am a new user and bought video door bell and homebase2 after my friend recommended it.

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I’m getting the same tbh. The battery is nowhere near the quoted time but I assumed this was because I had it on Optimal. I have a very tight zone set up and human detection turn on to avoid all the traffic and people walking past our gate. This means only people who walk up our path are detected (can range from 1 - Postal worker to that and several deliveries but not usually above 4 people per day).

It’s interesting to see I’m not the only one that is having to look at plugging in to recharge within 3 to 4 week not the longer manufacturer times.

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Thank you buddy I appreciate the advice

Thanks everyone for your input and advice.