Battery Draining fast

12 days. From 100 to 5%. I have it set to optimal battery life. Detection zone set to ignore the road and sidewalk. Detection sensitivity turned down, but still over 5k detections. Any ideas? Thank you.

Everytime a bird hops across the lawn, a branch moves, a shadow is cast, a car drives past, a person walks by, etc, the camera kicks on and watches for a while then ai filters the event, even in ignore zones. So even though you’re not necessarily getting notifications or even recordings the cam is actually coming alive and doing it’s thing.

If it were in an area where there really was no movement, shadows, etc, and the cam was never kicking on the battery would probably last quite a bit longer. Probably still not as advertised, but longer.

It sounds like you’ve installed it in an area that sees a lot of movement. Depending on your circumstance you can do one of 3 things. Reposition it so it doesn’t catch as much background movement, turn off motion detection, or keep your USB cable handy.