Battery flat before 12mths

I purchased my eufy security system about 3mths ago and it came with a guarantee that the battery wouldn’t need to be charged for 12mths. But one of the cameras has gone flat today. I’ve taken a screenshot of the camera. What can I do?

The specific battery duration might be influenced by various factors such as the number of times motion is detected, recording time duration, and environmental temperatures. Could you please confirm whether the camera is placed in an area with busy traffic (more motions are detected)? Have you activated the Homekit on the camera? Would you please set up activity zones to see if it helps?

If the issue persists, please help to provide us with the following information and send to

  1. A screenshot or pdf of the invoice confirming the order number and original shipping address of your purchase.
  2. The serial number of the camera.
  3. A screenshot showing the power manager of the camera, camera settings>Power manager.

It came with that guarantee?

Of course not. It’s something you simply cannot guarantee due to the batteries. If anyone puts guarantees on it, it could be a third party seller promoting the set. But that’s then on their hands.