Buy another brand

I wish I never bought these cameras!!! They’re just horrible!


I second that!


And yet I love mine and highly recommend them. Have helped install them at many friends and families and after a few years of solid use with a number of outdoor Eufy cams I couldn’t be happier.


I disagree i actually like the hardware and appreciate how well these cameras work. I do think I am shopping for another brand, however.

I feel we were marketed a system that would give us more control over our video files, but I’ve run in to too many issues that make this not true. I believe the system is what is tripping most people up.

Having a basic download all, should be standard and yet we don’t see this on the app or website.

I spend way too much time scrolling because I can’t search video clips based on time.

And I’ve tried every way and just at a loss, despite having nearly 8 cameras the only good way to view this system is my phone. Which is disappointing.

The straw over the camels back was when someone stole a bag from my brother in law’s truck and despite a camera pointing right at it, the Eufy system failed to pick up the motion.

Honestly thinking about wired systems again at least access would be simple and could view on a TV…

you can actually view your cameras on your tv. it requires an amazon firestick with alexa. once set up just ask alexa as you would an echo show device. also if you want to download all your videos couldn’t you just use the NAS (network attached storage) feature in the app.

AMEN. Dippy indoor siren is WORTHLESS,but they have a 2 cam doorbell… Eufy is a TOY… NOT a security system.

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