Camera doesn't pick up car thefts but captures everything else?

I came home at around 9:30pm and my door cam caught me walking up from my car. For some reason it has no problem being activated when I don’t need it. The camera is usually pretty sensitive and I get false recordings alot. But sometime during the night my wife’s car was broken into and I had about 700 dollars worth of tools in there that were stolen out of the trunk. My door camera was pointed right at the drive way fully charged and yet there is not a clip or any recordings that I can provide to the police for the report that I filed. The only reason I got the camera was because I have caught people in my drive way at night, and my family felt uncomfortable. I don’t see how it did not capture any thing as it would have taken a while for them to complete steal everything from the car. Don’t know what to do now without any video evidence.

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No advice just, I feel y’a. I just had a package stolen off my porch—which was entirely why I bought this thing! It reads ppl walking in front of the house, yet missed my package getting swiped.
Nothing helpful to add just that I hate people…