Cameras going offline

I to am having this issue with one of my 2C cameras. It will be up for days on end, then it goes offline. I get up the ladder, removed the camera from the mount, move it a few inches until it comes back online (see it on phone app), I remount it and it works again for many days. In the 5 or so weeks that I’ve had these, this one camera is the only one to go offline–about a half dozen times so far. I still wish they would develop a repeater since these do not use standard home wifi bands.

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How do you guys know it’s offline? Are you checking the cameras throughout the day, or do you get notifications about it?
I’m asking because I did not encounter the issue myself, though it would not surprise me if they are offline randomly.

Just setup my eufy indoor to test out and yup it went offline sometime last night and is still offline. not good outlook for a test device.

Same problem here, the camera 2C went off line with no reason with full battery and no problems in the last month…

The online help (and this blog) says to try to remove and re-add the camera. However, I’m not on the place so after removing the device, it’s now disconnected for a while --> so, please write at least a warning about this in your help.

I am also having this problem. I have the pan & tilt, indoor stationary one, and the door cam. They just go offline with no warning. So far disconnecting & reconnecting the cameras from the electricity has solved this problem, but who wants to do that every day, every few days, once a week or whenever?

Someone in my building is stealing Amazon packages. I’ve never had an issue with anyone trying to break into my apartment but I feel like indoor cameras give me peace of mind. You don’t need them until you do. That being said, I need for my cameras to be working ALL the time. I’m very concerned about my cameras being offline at a time when I need for them to be functioning as intended.

I’m having the same problem with one of my indoor 2k cameras. Fact is I have AT&T fiber connection and have never tested my internet with under 900mbps so the connection is most certainly not the issue. The camera that keeps going offline is the one that is right above the home base, the other is not only farther away but it doesn’t go offline which I’m assuming it would if it were a unstable internet connection. Please help eufy I’m often at work for 18 hours and cannot just run home to re-pair camera.

I have my indoor 2k cam installed yesterday. Got the offline problem + Cannot change setting problem together. Reboot/reset/remove and add again in app/reboot reboot router for a few times already…Sometimes may work for a while before this offline comes again. Don’t know what to do next. Perhaps I shall try return or replace it. So frustrating…

So here is a funny story…I have 6 outdoor cameras and one indoor pan tilt camera…the home base is offline and all of the wireless cameras are offline but the indoor pan tilt camera works fine…so it’s not internet it’s something with the homepage. I bought these for a vacation home and I’m not there currently so I can’t do anything to fix the problem remote reset will do nothing and I’m basically screwed…invested a lot of money for cameras to go offline…maybe I should chosen a different company

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I am having same problem as everyone is having. What is the fix I have tried all the remove and reinstall and they don’t work.

I have the same, only i need a reset button through the app. I bought it so i could use the camera when i am not home for security but it is not working and constantly shows: offline and then i get: click reset button on camera from the support… i mean yeah but im NOT home!!!

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One reply by customer support, really!? It’s been a year and still radio silence?

I have the same issue as everyone else here is having, the only way I can keep things working optimally for a while is to connect the HomeBase directly to the router. WiFi works at first but then always ends up with the same issue as so many have reported in this thread. The reboot / reinstall method, although a temporary cure, should not be considered a resolution.

Eufy needs to look into their latest firmware update as things don’t just stop working on their own like this.

Now I have an over-prized system that doesn’t even work. Making the switch to a PoE camera system and away from the impulse purchase that WiFi battery cameras are.

I’ve just had this happen in a most odd way. My wife and I can both access our system via our iPhones plus my iPad. One of our outdoor cameras- significantly as it happens near our motorhome- went offline but only on my devices. My wife could access it as normal on her iPhone.

I tried reseting the eufy hub etc which didn’t help.

Then I remembered I’d left the Wifi in our motorhome on after a recent trip- we have a 4g router in it it which gives a local wifi network. As soon as I powered down the 4g router, the camera came back online. The distance between the camera and the 4g router must be about 10 to 12 feet and probably closer than the eufy hub.

I’ve had two other cameras which were prone to going off line. While it hasn’t happened recently, I’m now wondering if this was due to my neighbours Wifi router as they were closer to his property than my original eufy hub position.


Eufy uses a custom wifi protocol to increase battery life, but it uses the same frequencies as normal 802.11 Wifi. So, if you have a strong wifi source close to one of your devices, it can generate interference.

I did some testing with a spectrum analyzer and found that my Eufy system is using channel 11 for it’s communication with the cameras. This makes sense because it’s one of the channels that have the least interference potential. I don’t know if all Eufy gear uses channel 11 or if it picks a channel based on local conditions when set up.

Just recognize that a strong wifi from another source can cause issues with your device to homebase communications.

Also, you can buy a 2.4 Ghz router for about $25, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a lot of crap in the signal that bleeds over into other channels.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you have any control over what frequencies the homebase communicates on. It’s either fixed on a channel or it picks a channel when setup. The only control you have is location and orientation of the homebase. I have found that you can null out some interference by moving the homebase so that it orients its antennas differently. Turning the homebase 90 degree made it so 1 camera I had that was continually taking longer to establish a live view stream started working normally. I am guessing that the interfering source was making the camera drop and re-transmit the stream.

I’m getting g the same issue.

Front camera same distance as back camera from Homebase but keeps dropping off. I find out when I set the security from the keypad at night.

The front camera is at about an 11 o’clock position from the base whilst the back has a more direct line of sight.

But here’s the kicker. It’s all signal based as if I bring the front two foot closer it works. This takes it out of the range of the router.

So despite the fact it’s actually only about 6 foot from the actual router and about 20 feet closer than the back camera to the router, the signal is actually worse as it has to connect to the Homebase first.

Seems bizarre. Especially as the Homebase is directly wired into the router.

I’m glad this happened quickly after putting up my system and I found this thread. This is a deal breaker and I’ll be returning my cameras. I can’t get on a ladder daily to hit sync on my garage camera. The support doesn’t seem willing to address it publicly either which is a sign of a design issue and/or bad support. 1 year without any help, yikes.

One of my cameras was offline this morning. I’m away from home without being able to sync again. I reset my Homebase and router twice, with no results. After about an hour, the camera magically connected and it is online now.

Hello, got the same issue. Tried everything above, not resolved. Has it been resolved or still ongoing?

still ongoing. I had same isse (and various others) waiting on a refund.

I am seeing offline messages in the application a lot too, but if I switch to another camera or another application and come back they show up. I am wondering if its more of an application issue and less a camera issue. So far I have not had to resync any cameras.

Over the last 2 years cameras continued to randomly go offline and come back without me doing anything (not even rebooting HB) sometimes within hours or minutes, when I’m lucky. Currently (5 Jan. 2022) three are offline–two for 5 weeks and the other for a few days. Not climbing up on ladder. Everything in same physical locations.