Can't play events on my phone when using mobile data but works fine when connected to the same WiFi as the homebase 2

I’ve just recently picked up two EufyCam 2 Pros and a doorbell 2k wireless together with a homebase 2 . All of them have a full strength connection to the homebase 2 and a fast internet connection.
Everything works perfectly when I’m connected to the same WiFi as the homebase but is struggling/or doesn’t play at all the events when using the mobile data. The phone I’m using it’s a Oppo find X3 pro on aEE SIM card with a strong 5G connection. On the other hand my wife’s phone which is an Huawei older model (4g only)with a O2 SIM will play the videos with not a problem even with a 2 lines signal strength
Any help/tips will be much appreciated. Thank you

Sorted , everything works fine now. Thank you all for helping