Concealing Eufy cameras outside

Looking for creative ideas for concealing cameras mounted outside. Has anyone boxed them , mounted them on tree trunks, painted them in camouflage colours.

Not quite that extreme. However, I did hide it mounted on a wood fence covered by a 7’ pine tree bush. Honestly, you can’t even see it. It is 100% covered by the green pine except the lens. So, I suppose that concealed. All ears if you have ideas.

I mounted mine to a tree, but I haven’t camouflaged it. You have to ensure branches arent in the way or else at night the IR will wash out the picture and motion detection will be affected

If your roof hangs over a little, perhaps there is a way to obscure it there. However, as long as they are reasonably high they will be safe, and you only have to get on a ladder a couple times a year.