Connecting the Eufy battery doorbell to a transformer

Hi, I’m currently using my Eufy battery door bell on battery only since my previous transformer was only supplying 8V.

I bought a new transformer that gives 18V but when I connect the existing wires to my new transformer my existing Honeywell chime starts to ring continuously and the Eufy does not seem to charge although I’m not sure if the power status is actually visible in the app when I check the Power Manager.

What confuses me is the setup instructions in the wired version that describes that the wires of the existing chime has to be connected via a jumper. Is that something that has to be done for the wireless version as well?

I guess the wiring is okay since my previous door bell worked just fine. This is my current wires setup:

Are you in the UK?

You want it to ring via your digital chime or Homebase ?

I’m in the UK and didn’t need the jumpers ( are not supplied with UK version) Just connected the old doorbell wires. Didn’t select mechanical chime or digital chime, just skipped this. Just have it via the Homebase. Did select mechanical chime at one point but was buzzing a little so decided not to.

I’m sure someone else mention this before. Have a lot through the forum.

Ringing via the existing chime AND the home base would be best, but my chime is a analog device, not sure if that is usable at all. Looks like this:

I’m located in the Netherlands btw. I don’t have the jumpers in my package as well, but that could be caused by the fact that I have the battery powered Eufy bell and the battery powered quick start guide does not mention this setup step at all.

I would unpair and the repair and when it comes to select chime you want don’t select either. It should then default to Homebase chime.

You could try in app to change the chime to home base. That wouldn’t work for me which why had to unpair and repair to the Homebase.

Not sure if will be same process where you are.

I am located at the Netherlands too with a standaard 8 V Transformer.
I changed nothing on the wiring. Just installed the Eufy and everthing ‘works like a chime’. Including the original chime :smile:
Suggest you try that first, before alternative wiring OR components.

In the powermanager and in the main screen of the app, there is an green symbol to indicate whether the doorbell is on battery only, or on the wiring as well. Switching the transformer on and off, makes the symbol change immediately.
image image

Off topic question. @Jon74, can you not have physical chime as well as homebase?

Think it did work for me at one point but it then stopped working. Plus chime started buzzing a little so decided just to have on Homebase.

The have two issues with that approach:

  1. The chime keeps ringing constantly, without anyone even pressing the door bell
  2. The door bell does not receive power.

That is why I thought that the transformer or the way things are wired, might be the culprit.

Thanks for the info about the power symbol, that confirms that the bell indeed does not receive power with both the original 8V transformer and the new 18V transformer. :woozy_face:

Okay, nailed it. Removed my new 18V transformer, replaced with the original 8V transformer, the chime kept ringing. Removed the plastic mount of Eufy doorbell and that stopped the ringing. Appearantly there was some short circuit inside the bell cable that caused the issue.

So now my Eufy battery doorbell is finally charging with the original 8V transformer. I even got my original chime AND the home base working at the same time. :slight_smile:

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Glad you found the problem in the cable, because I couldn’t imagine why the original transformer and wiring wouldn’t work for you. :+1:

I noticed that, although the Eufy door bell receives power, it does not charge yet. The doorbell was at 95% yesterday, today it is 94%. I read that this could be by design… hope that is true :slight_smile:

Mine is never above 90% (on a day without activity) or below 80% (on a very ‘busy’ day).
So I think it will only be charging below 90%.

I don’t have one, but another thread says it charges after it gets down to or below 80 then charges up to 90.

Jon and I have been chatting about this on a another thread.

It never charges beyond 90% on a Transformer.
It also appears to drop charge to 80 or below then charge it up. I believe the bell has a charge cycle.

Lithium ion batteries do not like being kept at 100% state of charge. It damages them internally. Thus the charging algorithm.

Thanks all for clarifying. :+1: