Customize notifications for individual users/devices

notification settings so each added user whether they are a guest or admin have the rights to choose if they want to receive notifications from each individual added device within the eufy app.

I have two homebases with two cameras on each, i am admin on both and all other users are guest. When i turn off push notifications for one of my homebases nobody will be notified but i only want my device to not receive the notifications.

If this is not possible it should be a future firmware feature. Possibly have a master disable notification switch for each individual device and a disable notification switch which disables notifications on the device it is enabled for that way if i dont want to receive notifications for a certain device i wont but others still can.


I agree.
Notifications need to be individually customisable, pre user and per device.
Admin should decide on global settings, whether push notifications are enabled, push delivery content etc. User should be able to decide on action to a push notification. Eg in the case of the doorbell if push notifications are enabled for motion detection all users (including admin) should have their own INDIVIDUAL in app option as to how notifications are treated. In an ideal world the option to show / not show a text alert and or play a sound on a per device per notification field.
So for a doorbell options would be:
Motion detection sounds on/off
Motion detection alerts on/off
Bell push sounds on/off
Bell push alerts on/off

Also a ‘mute’ switch to silence all notifications from the device screen of the app without going into phone settings would be useful.


PLEASE make this happen! My wife and I have VERY different preferences for the notifications. She gets very annoyed with all of the notifications that she’s getting but I don’t want to turn them off because I want to get those notifications. We need per-user per-device notification settings.


Please make this happen. My wife also gets annoyed with the notifications she’s getting…

This would be high up my wish list as well. At the moment having a common set of notification options means my wife has uninstall the app due to the volume of notifications. Turning off notifications for me is a no go.

Being able to customise per user would solve this.

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I am new Eufy user and my wife and I are both on iPhones. We have two 2c cameras, and one battery doorbell. I was able to set up my iPhone to get all the notifications (motion notifications from all 3 cameras). And my wife’s iPhone only get the doorbell press notification.

Here is what I did, FYI I set her as admin.

So from her Eufy app on her iPhone I can change the notification settings in the app for each camera from ‘default’ to ‘silent’. Then I go to settings on the iPhone and notifications section for ‘Eufy’ and untick ‘Lock Screen’ and ‘banner’ and just leave ‘Notification Center’ ticked.

That way she won’t get motion detection alerts on her iPhone but if someone presses the doorbell she will still get the notification and the sound will come through it for as well since under the doorbell settings in the Eufy app you can silence motion notifications and leave ‘ring alerts’ set to default sound.

Additionally, I went back to my iPhone Eufy and checked the notification settings for each camera in the Eufy app and it did not change my notification settings, yay!!!

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I would like this option added as well. My wife only wants doorbell press notifications, but I want everything.

While I agree this is a needed feature, if you are on android you can change the notifications on the Android notification settings for the eufy app. Then each user can have the notifications they want. Not as intuitive but it works.

I do not see that doing anything for myself (all done on one phone, with 2 users and 2 emails and 2 eufy acounts) as I already get alerts in the GUI and notification for my 2 cameras but not my mothers (she is old) so I invited myself from here account (on my own phone, she is a guest). and it all works apart from her camera will not have the little box in GUI with number of today alerts and I do not get any notifications.

If I swap users (account) on my phone to hers on my phone it is all there and working but again she does not use my phone or the camera, it is for me to take care of her.

I’m running two home bases with 2 cameras each. My household is using all the cameras on both home bases, however my neighbour has access to one of the home bases. I don’t want notifications for movement on the camera pointing to his entrance, and I assume he doesn’t want notifications for motion detected on the camera pointing to my entrance. So being able to turn off notifications per user/camera is a must have feature.
This is something I expected to be working out of the box, but to my surprise this is only a wishlist item :frowning:
Hopefully this will be added in the near future.

If your Homebaases are set up correctly you can enable/disable Push Notification by Homebase. Just put everything you don’t want notifications for on the same Homebase and use Modes to control push notifications.