Deadbolt sticks & cannot manually open from inside

Intermittent issue where eufy Security Keyless Entry Door Lock, Bluetooth version, internal deadbolt mechanism does not allow me to manually turn and unlock the door. Requires opening using bluetooth. Incredibly cumbersome and a safety issue if there was an emergency, especially since I have a 5 year old that would not be able to open the door.

Product is only a little over 1 month old.

Has anyone had this issue, and if so, what was done to fix it?

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I have experienced a similar issue where the lock is difficult to turn manually. It feels stuck and doesn’t turn freely. I have to jiggle it a little bit to get it to turn. The lock is about a month old.

I am a firefighter with NSW Fire and Rescue. When I read your post I felt I had to respond to say you are absolutely right! This is a massive safety issue. In the event of a fire, in a smoke filled house, trying to find an alternate exit will certainly result in disorientation, which, in all likelihood, could be fatal. This needs to be rectified ASAP. Until it is, please make a different escape plan, and share it with everyone who lives in the house.


Just wanted to mention that I had this same exact issue. Eufy sent me a new Wifi Touch Smart Lock, but it also has the same issue. It really seems like it’s catching against the motor while turning the lock manually. I reinstalled my old lock and will be returning this one.

Any fixes anyone?

Wait…. You can’t open the door but using Bluetooth it opens normally? If that happened 1 time that trash would be in the trash!

I have identical problem where I cannot manually turn to unlock it from inside. It seems to stuck and I have to gently twitch it forward/backward to unlock it. It is very strange behavior. Note, unlock using phone or password/fingerprint are working fine. But it is dangerous that I have to take some twisting in order to get out.

This just happened to me too! Can open with the wifi on phone easily, tried opening manually impossible. I hope that this never happens again. This is scary.

Is there a fix for this? I thought maybe that the battery was drained so I just recharged it please let me know if there is a fixed or its a one time occurrence. Thank you

It happens to me too. Does Eufy read these complaints? This needs to be fixed!

This has happened to my wifi lock also. Once unlocked sometimes it does not freely manually lock, I need to use force to manually turn the lock. The next time I use it the bolt turns freely. I thought I was the only one with this issue…PLEASE come up with a fix and at LEAST address the problem. It is a safety issue and I will not recommend these products untill this is fixed!

Same issue here. Wifi lock works. Sometimes manually unlocking and locking is smoothe. Sometimes it’s tight. I’ve confirmed nothing is sticking

I have the same problem. I try to unlock it by turning the knob, and find that it is extremely hard to turn. I can force it to turn manually or use the app to unlock it, and the lock will work normally for a day or two, then jams again.

I have the exact same problem. Eufy really need to fix this!

I have the exact same problem. I could not use the app to lock or could not lock my door manually.

I have the same problem with the lock from time to time when I can’t open or close it manually! I have to use the app. This creates a potentially safety issue for others in my household when they don’t have access to the app! Please fix this .

The same thing has been happening to me. They are sending me a new lock but I am not sure if I want it now. This is a big deal.

Same problem here. Any solutions?

Yes same problem here. Could not unlock manually but could unlock using app from inside, or fingerprint from outside. Intermittent. Looked at event log and it showed multiple manual lock/unlock cycles and several ‘manual locks’ in a row. Deadbolt was not stuck. Felt like the lock was itself was refusing to manually unlock. Very disconcerting.

If you are having the same issue don’t bother with a replacement. I have replaced three of these defective locks in the past two weeks. They all had the same issue. I contacted eufy support they were supposed to send yet another lock but mysteriously the program that creates an RMA ticket went down. eufy was supposed to call me back when things were operational again but of course, I never received a call. I called back to see if I could get an RMA generated. Asked for a call back via the automated helpline and never received that call either. At this point, I am done with eufy products and their customer support. I have been very patient but I have decided to remove not only the dumb smart lock but also the doorbell and the other items I have. I would suggest everyone in this thread do the same. I am sure Schlage or other historically proficient security companies make a more reliable product. I guess eufy won’t be satisfied until someone perishes in a fire trying to unstick a deadbolt from their dumb lock. It’s apparent eufy has no intention to deal with this because this thread is over a year old and nothing has been done except for them to replace a defective lock with another defective lock. I guess their actuaries have convinced them that it’s far less money to keep replacing them than to actually fix them. In the meantime, their sales/customer service people can attempt to steer you towards the new doorbell/smart lock combo…I can just imagine what bugs that thing will have.