Devices disappeared from apps, had to be set up from scratch

All devices on both users disappeared without apparent cause and had to be set up again from scratch.


Ours, too! I still can’t get it to work. I’m so frustrated with this BS.


Same here. My homebase got wipes too. All my videos were gone. Readdes and worked for a week and now no alerts no morion detection. Wudy broke something

Can’t get mine to work anymore have to keep reinstalling useless!!

Same happened to me. lost home base and doorbell from app. Cannot sync doorbell. If this is a taste of what’s ahead, God help us!

Hey Eufy can you tell us why we all had to reset?

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I suspect it’s the new interface. Go to the top-left of the main screen and select the dropdown—you should see your current setup.

It seems the update makes a new profile/group of sorts and the new blank profile is the default.

Anybody has idea how this can be solved? Thanks