"Do not disturb" mode for doorbell

Hello everyone !
Adding a “do not disturb” mode in eufy app for doorbell could be very helpful in many case, for exemple If you have a baby at home or if you want to sleep in after a hard day of work.
This feature miss me a lot and would be very useful to a lot of users of your doorbell.

So please, think about it and create a fully customizable do not disturb mode.
Also this will give you a real advantage on others brands. Personally I really think about returning my doorbell just because of the lack of this feature … (and the huge audio latency tbh)

I agree, I would LOVE that feature! If I could set the doorbell to ring on my phone but not the chime during baby’s nap time, that would be ideal! I was hoping this would be possible. I guess the only way to do it would be to manually turn off the chime during nap time.