Don't buy this trash product

Yeah the Eufy Cams SUCK! My wife just walked RIGHT by the camera to get to her car. It didn’t pick her up, but 20 minutes earlier it picked up the neighbor walking by. There’s nothing you can do about it.

My camera will literally trigger over a leaf blowing around, but my wife walks RIGHT in front of it, nope!

Never again buying any Eufy products. They are absolute garbage. My one camera died a while ago, not but months into use.



I’m guessing these cameras have an extremely high return rate. Understanding what the camera wants from you is a real puzzle and Eufy isn’t helping. Sticking up a camera and having it work correctly is rare. It takes a ton of work to first understand it… and then the trial and error testing to get it to work. Very few will suffer through that.

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No no no. I’ve done my research on these issues. These cameras just suck! They simply don’t pick up sometimes. It’s like the app goes to sleep sometimes on its own. No amount of sensitivity or activity zone adjustment will help.

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Don’t get me wrong here…. I will be the first to call Eufy out on their crap. I post lots of stuff online from my cams recordings and people always ask about my camera set up. My reply is … don’t buy Eufy! Like I said … it’s not ready for prime time.

It took me a year to get my driveway camera to work the way I wanted it…. And that was constant testing and remounting. It now works the way I expected it to out of the box. Who would do that?


Funny I’m running multiple S40s without any issues whatsoever…

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You lucky duck! I have 5 outdoor cams. 1 was perfect on install ( and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing) and didn’t need any adjustments or changes… it just worked.

I took a temp job as a Amazon driver as Covid hit… (you are alone all day) I see at least 100 different camera setups throughout my day. I find myself saying “ that will never work” or “ you are so lucky to have the perfect setup here” . I don’t care what camera brand you have… some cams have the perfect setup to deal with… and some are pure trouble. To get the solar panel lined up so it gets sun AND still works? You are lucky.

So… I might as well tell my story here on my driveway cam. The one that took a year to figure out. Might explain things. Here is why I bought the cams in the first place. I just wanted to know when my “toys” arrived. This is the original cam view and location ( and the same cam I’m using today )

It would miss this huge truck 2 out of 3 times. How is that possible I would ask??? A package at my door and the camera would miss the truck going up my drive… and then again going down my drive. Set to all motion how could it possibly miss this giant view filling truck again and again??? It sure had no problem picking up leaves or weeds moving or tiny bunnies. I wanted to return this junk at the time… but I also wanted to know why.

A year later I figured these stupid cameras out! That same camera never misses. ( complete disclosure: leaving my drive it will miss almost every time… but that’s totally ok and by design )

I started making a YouTube video to explain what I learned over that 1 year project. “ understanding motion detection”. The video is in the can… I just need to put it together. ( why did the camera pick up this shot … this day??? Your clue: look behind it. )

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The Sun? :man_shrugging:

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Welp… today I woke up (late) with zero camera notifications… my wife left for work hours ago… camera didn’t pick her up. In disbelief for how trash this product is… I go out in front of my camera… it picks me up. WHAT THE FROG!?

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There’s a deer behind further, that’s grazing?:deer:

Oh now my camera just plain isn’t working at all. Amazing. I mean I can view the feed, but it won’t pick me up right in front of it. Garbage

The forum is filled with too many toxic posts, rarely those post who have a good experience. Be more constructive and you might get actual help with your issues.

Also makes one wonder how many are just posts by competitors trying to undermine the products.


Noo… i am here to help. Don’t buy this product. I’ve had it for a long time now… the settings and install are simple. The product just doesn’t work. It’s not toxic, the product is.

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First, Eufy needs to fix

  1. Notification.
  2. sd card management. kept getting yellow warning. Firmware is not good. I have 2k indoor (s).
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If your phone Optimazes the apps for better batteri time, it will put the app and notifications to sleep. thats why you never get them. other times you have got them its because you had above 80% batteri power. when decreased it shuts down backround running tasks. If you are using Apple it is even worse.

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Tried. not working to fix delay. Still no notification sound.
Wyze notification is 2 mins dekay (livable)

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That’s terrible to know because I’m having the same issue. I have charged my battery twice in 6 days… With motion off, led off and low video. Right after charge. I go out and the bell notifies me of bell etc. After 2 hrs even without activity it goes down to 78%! I mean 78% in 2 hrs? With no activity? I have had this system for a week and I REGRET IT! Customer care is no help. They tried to make it so complicated to get a replacement under warranty. My Son did it for me. After reading so many negatives. I am sending the replacement back. Will look else where.


Well could you please explain it to us? Since you haven’t loaded the video? It would stop alot of hair pulling & would be greatly appreciated :hugs:. As I’m writing this my Son has been in and out 3 times in 2 hrs… He just walked in Anddddddd NOTHING! :joy:… He is 6’4 definitely noticable lol.

I would think that’s the problem right there… but I’ve looked at my settings and turned off anything I could find to do with power saving. Idk

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