Doorbell - Answered Ring

Delivery guy rang my doorbell. I was on the balcony so just shouted “I’ll be right down”

Look at the eufy app a few moments later and noticed that the events list showed Doorbell - Answered Ring. Unless eufy heard me shouting it shouldn’t say answered because nobody touched the app to respond.

(Also the camera didn’t start recording until the guy was around 2 feet from the doorbell despite the sensitivity being set to 5, but that’s another matter entirely.)

Anyone else who has access to the app? I.e family member?

Nobody touched the app. What does yours say if a ring goes unclicked? Does it actually report as unanswered ring?

I’m sure mine say answered ring :thinking:

Mine say’s Answered Ring when I open the door even if I’ve not replied using the app.

Just checked my history and it does indeed say answered ring. I had Ring doorbell and it would say missed doorbell if you didn’t take it on the app and answered if you did.

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Hi, just read through this thread and I noticed that my rings don’t appear in the activity feed. Whether they are answered or not, they won’t show up. Only when the activity detection has tripped it will be logged. Is there a setting I’m missing perhaps? I’m using a battery doorbel (wired).

Credit where credit is due. Since the last homebase 1 update unanswered rings now simply show “ring” instead of “answered ring”