Doorbell battery life dropping fast


I’ve had the doorbell for 6 days and had to charge it again as it went down to 20% from 100%.

Since its new I’ve done quite a bit of testing but the battery drop is drastic.

I charged it last night and this morning clipped it back on with 100%.

It’s dropped 4%. Here is my configuration.

Any ideas?

I think it’s down to a lot of detection events and think a lot of it is out side the activity zone. Software has a lot of bugs. I get over 100 detection events a day.

Turn off LED.
Try make the activity zone bit smaller.

Not much can do. Hopefully there a firmware update soon.

I did all these you mentioned in the other thread and I’m still getting awful battery life. I have a Eufy Cam 2C in the same location and is draining much much lower. This doorbell battery is just rubbish, it’s nothing to do with settings.

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I think it detecting events outside of the activity zone and filtering it out making the battery drain.

My zone is short and should capture folks who walk onto the patio. I don’t get that many alerts. Battery life is pretty bad. My Ring doorbell lasted rightly 3 months.

@eufy are you aware of the battery drain issues?

Down to 93% not even a whole with only a couple of motion captures.

Somethinf quite wrong here.

A thought. 35 second clip is fairly long. Have you tried reducing it? I guess it depends on how many times it records. I have wired so feel free to ignore me.

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Try put back to optimal surveillance see how that work over the course of the week. I did try customize recording but it felt like it was draining more.

LED off
Notifications- include thumbnail or if you don’t need the thumb nail, most Efficiency.
Video encoding Low


Pretty sure some one on this forum said they got 5 months out of the doorbell :rofl: but could have made 6 months but charged in a bit earlier . I think they live in the middle of nowhere. 2 months max maybe with the way things are.

Would like to know under what conditions/environment they did the test to get 6 months

If I reduce everything to low then I might as well put my ring 720p back which gave me close to 3 months.

I’ve opened a case with support as this battery drain is drastic. Please don’t defend eufy’s battery choice.

Shouldn’t have to reduce anything. I’m still holding out for a software update as still like this doorbell or another brand comes out with something better. Wouldn’t get ring again.

Even a app update as the app drain my phone battery.

I’m sure eufy will say they will optimism in their next update.

Please let us know what eufy say to you.


This mine.
I suppose it depends what settings you choose really. I’ve gone for the middle one and I’m happy. I get lots of quick notifications and clips, max sensitivity too. It’s easy to take off and charge so happy to do this every 2 months if needed.

Today my power supply arrived 18v 800mA. I know these charge super slow but is there a way to see how much power the doorbell is sucking up?

I’m still going to test the battery performance as I’m not impressed.

You only get about 20 events filtered out each day. Your front door is probably in an extremely low traffic area. Your case isn’t a general use case scenario. You’ll get far more battery life out of Ring plus you’ll be able to hot swap batteries, so, no down time. I’m not saying Ring is better in general. What I’m saying is Ring battery is way better than Eufy. It’s obvious Eufy cut corner with the battery.

I would suggest setting to optimal battery life and see if it performs as it should (180 days). If it does, then it’s your settings. If it doesn’t, contact Eufy

The settings I have aren’t extreme and I refuse to lower it to uselessness . 6 month battery life claim is a joke. I’d take 3 if it can do it. Though I invested in a power supply but that doesn’t mean I no longer expect good battery life.

Ok but my first move would be testing it to see if it meets manufacturers specifications/claims or whether it’s faulty…

I understand mate. I’ve been looking online and the battery life of EUFY products are pretty bad compared to the claims.

I guess their benchmark is in a suburb where there is hardly any motion and the “AI” doesn’t have to work out which to record and which not to.

I’ve notice today the doorbell I’m just running on battery did not get a lot of detection event total/ false events due to weather being cooler here in the UK so not had any battery drain so far today. So has stayed on the same % since yesterday. It has record 20 human detection today.

I sapped that puppy down to 25% in less than 2 weeks. I chalk that up mostly to setup and tuning the system though. Just did my first recharge last night so will see how I make out from now on.

Mine is in a fairly high activity area. Think I had something like 1800 detections with nearly 900 of them being legit, sensitivity and recording times maxed (but allowed to end early). Plus I live streamed a bunch, just fiddling around with the new toy. Will see how long it lasts set as I have it and will consider dialing it back a bit (or running wires) if it doesn’t last long enough for my liking.

Considering how many portable power packs Anker offers it would not surprise me if they released a mount with an expansion battery built into it as an upsell at some point.