Doorbell battery life dropping fast

So woke up in the morning with 90%. So 90% is the max charge battery doorbell charges to on a transformer. I am wondering if the camera actually accepts charging during the day or maybe “too much” activity to charge up.

Already dropped to 87 with today’s motion. Honestly, the battery is pretty poor on this. I am kinda glad I had decided to get a transformer.

I find the battery seems to drop fast once’s hardwire.

But depending how much you use it will drop more then it can charge.

May I know how far is your doorbell to the road?
In most false detection cases, horizontal movement from cars or people will trigger and wake up the doorbell.
The on-device AI analyzes the video. If it detects no people showing up, it terminates the recording to save power.
But the most effective method is to lower the Motion Detection sensitivity.
Could you give it a try?

I’m off the main road.

Front of my door are drive ways with 2 cars and patio to the pavement (sidewalk). It’s “no through road” so cars don’t drive passed but people do as the side road is a main road. The main road is in the field of vision but still far out. I suspect people walking passed are being picked up.

My zone covers front door patio and not the pavement or road. Hope it makes sense.

I had sensitivity to 4 because it didn’t pick up the post man at 3 but now put it on 3.

Mine dropped too 83% last night and this morning 82%.

Maybe there is a cycle at play or something weirdly wrong.

Do any @eufy members comment on issues related threads? The email reply from eufy support was very generic.

In the last two days with the cooler weather the one doorbell I don’t have hardwired has been 87% to 85% so doing better so far. This with 49 positive human detection recorded over the two days and this morning.

This is what they emailed me below.

“ According to our engineer, it seems that the camera was triggered by moving air. See attachment. Sometimes in the windy days, the camera will also be falsely triggered even though there is no object showing. The reason is that the moving air (wind to some extent) may result in a slight change of temperature, so the camera was falsely triggered for recording by potential rising ‘heat’ (the same cames with insects, etc). The false triggering of such kind exists in our current system indeed and we will optimize this issue in our future firmware update”

Positive for the future updates hopefully.

Thanks for sharing Jon. It’s pretty bad if the wind triggers a motion…

I’m not sure if I should be concerned that the battery didn’t charge back up to 90%. I will wait a few days and see. In the mean time if someone at eufy explained the charge logic, it would be helpful.

Sorry were you talking about it being hardwired and charging back to 90%?

From what I’ve read from other people on forum it should start charging from 80% which they confirmed was happening. Which mine was originally doing as well. Now it just charge anywhere between 83% and 89% So not sure what’s going on or if that is right.:man_shrugging: Hoping that this doesn’t shorten the battery life quicker.

Then again pretty sure some one else in the forum said the Eufy support said it would start charging when in gets in to the 70%. :man_shrugging:

Be nice if they did explain more about the operation of the battery when hardwired. They then wouldn’t get so many people so upset. Lack of information and tutorials they pinned aren’t that good either. That’s what lacking on this site.

Maybe they should be paying us for being their tech support :smirk::rofl:


Jon, I have theory :sweat_smile:. Mine went all the way down to 78% then started charging properly. Woke up 90%. Previous day it was 81% and woke up to 83%

When wired the max charge is 90%
Cycle 1 if below 90% charge back up
Cycle 2 charge back up if it hits below 80%

These alternate so sometimes you’ll wake up to 90% other times to cycle 2 so it maybe 80-89%.


This was my first thought also, but it seems like there are other things at play.

My battery doorbell went down to 20% in 30 days. My Power Manager setting was 15 second clip length with 5 second retrigger interval, with the end clip early enabled. All other settings were at default. I averaged 60 detected events per day, with about 55% filtered by AI.

I recharged the doorbell yesterday morning. I changed Power Manager setting to 10 second clip length for the video. I changed the Motion Detection Sensitivity to Medium-Low (2 out of 5).

Based on the Power Manager verbiage, the Optimal Battery Life happens when you disable motion detection and turn off doorbell LED. So if you want it to last 6 months, this is how you do it. Just use it as a doorbell and forget about security. :roll_eyes: If you want to use it for security, then it will last between 1 and 5 WEEKS.

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Obviously with Motion Detection OFF. Also LED OFF. Because that’s how you get Optimal Battery Life.


This battery powered doorbell is useless unless you have it connected to Transformer or live in a secluded area were its unlikely you’ll get motion. The battery is the worst thing about this product.

I’ve changed my review from 5 stars to 3 due to poor battery performance.

What your clip length, retrigger interval and is clip early if motion stops to ON?

I have 3 eufyCam 2 cameras. 2 of them are on the patio side where there is very little traffic since they only point to private property. The 3rd camera points to a parking spot in our apartment parking lot, as such there is a lot of traffic.

After 45 days, the 2 patio cameras are at 85%. The 3rd camera is at 17%. So when they say 1 year battery life on the eufyCam 2, they mean if you don’t have motion. Just like the Batterty Doorbell.


Yeh Eufy’s battery optimisation needs improving and their advertising advertising is misleading. One would expect to have motions regularly. My Ring original baterry doorbell lasted around 3 months before charge. Same door, same location and since eufy the motion are less simply because my neighbours aren’t walking around as much.

Picture quality, FoV and no subscription is the only reason I’ve kept this.

I won’t be replacing my Ring cams with Eufy.

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If I could get even 50% of Eufy’s advertised battery life I’d have happily taken it. Unfortunately, I get about 10% of what they advertise.

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I’ve been battling horrible battery performance as well. I even bought two different transformers to hardwire this thing. First was a 16v .8 amp tranformer where the battery would die on anything but optimal battery. Second was a 24v 1.7amp transformer recommended by support. And the doorbell now charges slow as heck even with 25.6v at the doorbell using a voltmeter.

Support says it’s my fault since the doorbell is facing a street (much like many front doors) with tons of detections. I guess they expect people who buy their products to live in the middle of nowhere. This doorbell reeks of garbage. They even hide the % battery charge when plugged in so you have to toggle between power manager settings to get an idea if your battery is draining.

It’s smoke and mirrors. I’ve spent over $100 in transformer hardware and high quality copper wiring just to make sure this thing had the best chance to work. I just wanna a product that works as advertised.

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Sorry to hear that.

Guessing your motion activity is super hight?

Reduce the motion level in the settings. The transformer should top up the battery so you don’t ever get to zero. If you stay above 50% daily and start the day with kegs day 70%-90% then I guess you’re good

Sorry to hear that. Yes I have a similar issue. My first one wouldn’t work at all on the transformer. The second one did. But just didn’t want to run the wiring this time around. I just pull it off and charge it up. Any way you slice this it’s always gonna be something with any of these products. The good thing about this one is if someone shuts the power off you still have a battery to rely on. Wink wink. Otherwise you would have to plug everything into a battery back up. Wink wink. So if the power is killed your internet and homebase can still store and record the live image to you etc.

Either way we are all still waiting on them to un :poop: a lot of promises that haven’t come through.

Update guys:

They sent me a replacement unit when I suggested if it was possible this was a hardware issue.

Replaced the unit and with the existing wiring I installed it no longer had a charge issue…

Seems like this doorbell is prone to a ton of issues, broken promises, and no fixes around the corner.

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