Doorbell connect to echo Show 50

It will be perfect when the doorbell give autom. a livestream when someone push the doorbell Button!

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This is already possible, but you have to connect things together yourself using “Routines” in the Alexa app. I have a Doorbell (battery 2k) and an Alexa Show and have this set up.

Before you start, make sure you have the EufySecurity skill enabled and connected to your doorbell.

At this level, you should already be able to say “show front door” (assuming your doorbell is called “front door”) and see your doorbell view.

To go a step further and achieve the automation you’re looking for, create a routine (click “more” on the bottom right of the Alexa app, then “Routines”, the “+” at the top right). Click “when this happens” and select “Smart Home”, followed by “front door”. Then click “add action” and “Customised” (at the bottom of the list) then write “show front door”. Save the routine and that’s it - you’ll see your front door view (with 3~4 second delay in my case) once someone presses the doorbell.

Please note, there’s no way to interact with anyone at the other end. Alexa does provide the ability to “answer the front door” but the EufySecurity skill hasn’t integrated this yet. :frowning:

Good luck!

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I did the something similar with Custom Action in Routines to arm/disarm 2K video battery doorbell with door sensor.
As part of my Alexa “Im Leaving” routine, I added custom “arm homebase away” action. It arms as the last step and gives the 60 second countdown.
Homebase armed. Open door and set off countdown to disarm before alarm. Alexa “Im Home” routine, I added custom “disarm home base” action. It prompts for my pin code and disarms.
This is a good way to integrate with Alexa Guard and any lights, echo devices, etc…
One thing I did note, the custom action is always last.

Hello, I also want this to be displayed on my Show5 when someone rings the doorbell. I tried to set it up according to your instructions. However, I miss the last point: “Customized”. Can you help me? I create the routines via the Alexa app iOS. Maybe you can add pictures as individual steps. That would be great.

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What do I have to choose as the last step? this is how it looks to me … see pictures

Phew you lost me you intelligent being :roll_eyes:

What do you think?

This is the option I chose from the routines menu (using Alexa android app). It’s possible this option is only available in some locales (mine is English - United Kingdom) or some devices (maybe iOS is behind?).