Doorbell connected on 24V , won't charge

My Doorbell is connected on 24V but won’t charge.

Now the level is 14% , why don’t the doorbell charge ??

Can you check the wire had power? Does the doorbell have a plug icon in the app?

The wire have power , before i had the plug in the app , not now

You might need to check your charger is working or if a connection has become loose

Put new connectors , measure voltage.
Doorbell won’t charge on the 24V

when i charge with mini USB , there is no problem

How to solve this ?

Maybe it’s too much. Can you lower the voltage? Just to rule out its too much.

Put on 12v , same.

Now on 99% Have to wait i suppose

You should always see the plug icon. If on android you should also never see a battery percentage.

No , dont see

What’s the amount of amps you have on the wire? Is it 1A?

The plug in … it’s 24v 500ma and it has 8 metre length.

Taichipanda is the brand from Amazon .
Working fine.

What do you mean ?

Amps the transfo can give ?

Yes, the output of the transfo.

Transfo can give 25VA so sure for 1A

Is it AC or DC?
Otherwise I’d suggest try fitting another, if that’s possible.
Or maybe play around with the voltages a bit more (as I’m on 8va no problems).

At the moment no solution

What to do ?

I read the entire topic again.
In the post you state it’s at 99%, is that with the doorbell wires or the USB charger?

that was on doorbell wires but no plug

Today the doorbell is 61%

So no charging