Doorbell ring on google home devices?

Like everyone else, I saw the link on 9to5Google and was going to post it here. So I will post a different link - Google’s documentation.

There are two ‘traits’ - ObjectDetection and CameraStream. This means that the interface can support the receiving of the doorbell button press (ObjectDetection) and show the video stream (CameraStream). No two-way audio, but I can live with that :slight_smile:

Ok Eufy/Anker, time to get cracking!

Please Eufy…. Very important feature. Need to have chimes at least asap.

Disappointed, all these time and still not implemented with google home automation? Just got the doorbell today and will return it.

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Count me in as wanting this feature too. Please, please, please!!!

+1 for this request! TY.

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Those from eufy dont even read this i think.
No reaction from them at all about this.

Pity and a shame.
Or did anyone actually have some feedback?

Yeah this would be great.

I returned my Google Nest Hub a while ago when I discovered that it doesn’t do this with the 3rd party cams.
The eufy doorbell is sooooooo much better than the Ring I had before it so no way I’m changing to something overpriced again like the Ring or Nest where you must subscribe to a plan to get anything out of it. Also the eufy has amazing image quality and very good dual band Wifi 5.

I was about to import an Alexa Show 8 but if Eufy manages to integrate it with Google I might return to the Nest Hub as it is way cheaper.


i dont think eufy is bringing us what we want based on the new open api from google for doorbells

I asked the support and told them about Google opened their api for camera and doorbells and they answered

"Thank you for your reply and the information. I believe our rear-end engineers have been already working on it. However, I still did not get any news from them.

Once it is supported, we will release the information officially. Please keep an eye on us."

So i guess it’s coming

After purchasing about £600 worth of eufy products to find they they don’t actually link up with Google home properly! Annoyingly so sending everything back. Not only that I phoned up today and it seems that updates are happening but they don’t know when. If at all. It’s really not that hard. If you are in the Google home eco system I wouldn’t go with eufy as you can’t do anything other than in the eufy app. Plus the storage is tiny!

Shame as they could be really good. Nevermind

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+1 for this request

Following the topic with interest. In eufy defence- as far as we all would love google home as chime and direct video streaming on doorbell push - we have to admit the limit comes from google - so not much to blame eufy about (false advertising etc) as the system is google integrated as much as google allows a 3rd party device to be. Things changed just one month ago since google opened up full integration to 3rd parties. Reassuringly eufy confirmed is working in this and I have just dropped them an email with two key questions: when they expect this to be rolled out and if it will be a software update on existing devices or a new generation of products (not obvious). Based on their reply I will update the discussion and take decision on my purchase (battery local storage and no subscriptions are defo a plus but so far nest hello is the only one delivering the full integration).

Reply from anker - doesn’t say much and not as reassuring as the previous one posted:

Thanks for choosing Eufy security and contacting us.
We kindly inform you that, currently all of our Doorbells support Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.
As for Google Voice Assistant, you can view the live streaming by calling it (not automatic).
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but at the moment we are not able to confirm the information you want.
Our technicians are working hard to develop more functions to help make our customers’ daily lives safer and more convenient, and we will update the information in the Community as soon as it becomes available.
Thanks in advance for your kind understanding.


Any updates on this?

Obviously the 44,000 views (!) of this article should be enough to illustrate that there is a LOT of customer demand/expectation for this feature.

It’s also apparent that it is now technically possible, given that google has opened up the capability to developers (and some of eufys competitors have now implemented it).


Would be great to get an update (at least on the status… whether we can expect a features update or not) from eufy…


Just adding my voice to this topic.
Everyday since the API announcement i have been waiting for Eufy/Anker to make a software release to allow the feature and better camera integration. .
Then id say that this was the best doorbell available.


This is a must as I purchased on the basis it works with my Google devices to alert me when some rings the bell. Really disappointed to see it does not. Looking to potentially move to another device that has this support.


Would be nice to have a list of which other 3rd party devices support full google integration apart from the obvious nest. Have competitors integrated the newly available functions? I am holding fire to buy a smart door bell (battery operated) for this reason!

@Mengdi could you please give us an update?

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+1 for this please. I use a Sonos system so I could just swap over to Alexa to fix this, however, I would prefer to use Google Home to save myself the headache of switching everything over, and with the previous comments suggesting this is possible now and people actually offering support and coming up with Home Assistant work arounds, then really there’s no excuse for this not being implemented.

Please, please, please.