Doorbell ring on google home devices?

I’d like an update on this too, very important feature.

I am considering door bells + cameras and if I knew for sure this integration with google home (chime ability + automated events on nest hub) was going to happen I’d love to go ahead and purchase. @Mengdi

I would also love this option and I know a lot of my friends will buy an Eufy if this will be implemented.

When Google introduce MATTER later this year or early next will all the integration issues with Eufy be solved?

I know this dates back a while but I believe I read somewhere that google have opened up their software to doorbells so EUFY should be able to get this integration going. Happy to be corrected if this is not the case??

True, but no response from Eufy when or even if they wil deliver

+1 I’m quite disappointed that it says google home support on the box (and everywhere) but in fact there is nothing you can do with it except ‘listing it as a device you own/have’.
That is not very ‘honest’.

Are you guys (@Mengdi) still trying to make this work or should we stop expecting it to happen?

Thanks for at least an (honest) answer.

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+1 for this

Why is there absolutely no response from Eufy regarding these wishes??

Very poor isn’t it, the same goes for geofencing, expandable storage and IFTTT support, 4 things that I wanted and Eufy said they delivered out of the box but do not and despite thousands of requests across this forum they choose to ignore. Well they are now releasing new cameras and they expect me to buy into these, no chance! Once bitten twice shy, I am just waiting for these cameras to start to die and I’m off to spend my money elsewhere as I’m sure others already have and will also do, shame really.

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I am regretting the purchase tbh. Its “ok” but it could be so much better with the these basic features.
I cant recommend Eufy products anymore. There’s plenty of market choice now.

II guess all these features will be in their next product line up but im not going there 2nd time.

embarrassingly enough looks like even the new product range “SOLO” does not support full Google integration… so no idea.

+1 here too. I was a bit disappointed that the product says it supports Google home on the box when the support is very basic and limited.

I will cut them some slack though, in that it seemed the functionality for eufy to integrate into has only been made available by Google a couple of months ago, and it does take time to implement that kind of change if we want it done properly and reliably. So I’m prepared to give them time. Maybe a couple of months before I lose hope

Hey Team,

Do you have an exclusivity contract with Amazon about the doorbell Chime?
I don’t understand how such a simple action cannot be fixed…

Can you please provide us with an update whether you would like to implement a solution or just ignore the community messages?

Regards, Aurelien


Can you smell lawsuit Eufy for false advertising?

So I contacted the support team, asking if they are developing integrated support for the Google Assistant to work as an chime. This is what I got:


Thank you for your message and for contacting eufy Security customer service.

Regarding your advice, which is very relevant and inspiring, we have already passed it on to our team of engineers, and they will try to make this function a reality as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your suggestion, and thanking you in advance for your understanding and patience, we wish you a very pleasant day!

Best regards,

Anker Customer Support Engineer

We will have to be patient I guess.


Not sure about that. Months ago they said it was under development already… now they say “inspiring advice”. Don’t see this coming any soon I’m afraid.
Is anyone aware of any of eufy competitor that took advantace of the new functions opened by google to 3rd parties doorbells, btw? Or still nest has monopoly in terms of google fully integrated device?

Been hoping for this for ages and for the alarm as the homebase 2 is not loud at all. Definitely not piercing as it says. Soon as I close one door you can’t hear it and eat not outside.

Can you smell lawsuit Eufy for false advertising?

not really, the product is Google Home compatible as much as google allowed it to be. Assuming you own already the doorbell - when you purchased it it was as compatible as it could be. I keep reading those “false advertising” references in this thread, which are hilarious! Google changed the level of possible integration 2 months ago. There is no guarantee that any manufacturer will retro fit this into items produced before that date (and as of today I have no evidence of any manufacturer having done so). I assume most of them will just launch a new gen of products (and again as of today - I have no evidence of any fully integrated doorbell apart from Nest Hello of course). Eufy has been unclear about what they are planning to do (probably they have no clue either).

So I would not give for granted this will ever be implemented
There is no obligation for Eufy to implement it (at all)
The limitation came from Google - and the product was full compatible (as far as it could be) when it was launched

I guess the first manufacturer that will launch a new gen (or software update of existing gen) to be fully Google compatible will get a massive benefit in terms of sales. I would love Eufy to be this one - as their product are good (especially if you need a battery operated one + no subscription) and I would just buy it straight away. Google is about to launch Hello 2nd gen… a battery operated is unlikely (due to how Hello works) but you never know. In that case I would not bother of Eufy plans anymore!

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Need this basic functionality… to chime or announce on Google devices

Also integration with Smartthings would be nice. This would make Eufy the goto product for video monitoring

Please get this done asap

I found this thread as this feature was a must for me. I’m not even going to purchase without this.
Do better Eufy!