Download all Video Clips

I would like to download all the video clips stored in the Homebase so that I can back up the footage elsewhere. Is that possible?


Not that I know of but this is a good idea!!


I was asking myself the same question. In my opinion an absolute standard use-case. There should be some options to backup the recordings with release of such a product, rather than putting off customers to a future USB drive support, which might not even provide a proper backup functionality. This is a wireless network camera solution which should have a more sophisticated backup concept.


great idea & acceptable workaround. come on eufy make it happen.


Eufy needs to include this option as part of their June app update. Currently you have to select each video then download which is obviously very cumbersome.


There is an option to use NAS for each Cam 2 (at least that I know of). It’s the easiest solution to get it directly on storage until they release the USB option. I have a multi TB NAS

Hey @dho006,

Please noted that the video clips can only download via the eufy Security app. The SD card has been encrypted so it cannot be read on the PC device.

Please noted that the eufy Security app is now available on the MacBook, so you can use the PC device to download the Videos. The windows version should be released in June as well :slight_smile:


This is Awesome to hear!!


Hi, Any news on the app for Windows? Can’t find it on the website. For the NAS option, will the videos be encrypted or can they be read from other devices accessing the storage?

@gustavo.velascoherna i have confirmed with dev team, they don’t have plans to release an app for Windows but they “may” have plans to improve current web portal.
That leaves with the only option to have NAS to store all your videos unless you intend to download the videos from your phone and store.

It’s totally upto you as you are the owner of your NAS.

I also would like to download all the video clips from the app to my phone or tablet. On the Event tab of the app and for each day, I’d like a button like “Download all clips” for that day.

Right now, the clips are stored on the SDcard of the camera and I have to open each single clip to download it, tap the download button and then tap confirm to actually download it. I’d like to be able to download everything in a few steps.



I have a doorbell 2k with homebase 2. Are we able to download all the clips from homebase 2 on a windows pc yet?

Preferably, I would like the videos to be backed up automatically to a local server / NAS. Is that possible?

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Add our household of multiple eufy users & consumer to the list of those who vote for a better & more efficient way of downloading ALL my videos including the doorbell en masse. I have a law enforcement officer that wants all my video and that is going to take HOURS to do via the mobile app & then transfer to a PC for giving them what they need to deal with bad characters on our block.

Wishing now I would have just gone with Ring or a ReoLink system. Someone will get a great deal on my eufy equipment on ebay soon.


Add me to the option of downloading/backing up all the video data on the device in another way then single download every video. Exporting it to an connected USB-device on the homebase or some solution would make it already more workable. Please let us know about your roadmap :cowboy_hat_face:


How do you do that? I just got my Eufy and havent’ figured out how to d/l or access any clips on the homebase yet.

I’ve just installed the doorbell. Impressed with the whole experience and then I tried to view the videos and ended up here. Seems at odds with the rest of the product. would love to know why they won’t add this if it’s been done for the MAC why not the PC. Have you used a codec that you need to pay for on Windows?

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Hi, I just installed the doorbell as well. I’m not quite to the stage of frustration as the previous comment, but I’d like to add my vote to add the ability to download all videos from Windows platforms. Don’t they realize that Windows is still the most used OS?

It would be nice to be able to save all your recordings from home base to PC. If I would have known this was not a real option then I would have went with something like Ring. Please add this feature.

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Im amazed that eufy hasnt included the ability for us to “download all” clips, why would this be left out? It makes no sense and is the biggest thing that puts me off the camera. As a work around how about releasing somekind of decryptor via an online eufy account which would let us move the sdcard to pc then decrypt.
I find it very frustrating being unable to easily access my videos and having to slowly view one at a time on my phone. I want to watch the entire months video 1000’s of clips one after another on pc screen. Please add functionality to let us download all.


You can with the app on MacOS. It’s kind of odd they don’t have one for PC.

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