Echo Show stability

I set up my Eufy doorbell yesterday and had a real struggle to get Alexa to display the live view. Pairing to Alexa was easy, but when i would say “Alexa, Show doorbell” alexa would say that it was unavailable.
After about an hour of trying to get it working i gave up. Then maybe 20 minutes later, i tried again (without changing anything) and it started working.

So now it works consistently with my routine, however the video feed is not live by any stretch of the term. I times a 1 minute lag between the Video and live, but the voice delay was only about 20 seconds.

My network is strong. Standing next to my Echo Show, i can view the camera on the Eufy app and the delay is negligable (1-2 secs at most) but stil lags on the Show.

From reading, i believe this is an issue with the Eufysecurity skill. This seems like a great product and im sure there will be improvements in the future, but at the moment, it just seems like its falling short. I am starting to look at other options, but i dont want to. I really like the look of this bell, i like the secure homebase for storage, and i have other Eufy products that work flawlessly.