Entry Sensor and Alexa Routines

I have a Eufy entry sensor which all works fine opening and closing and notifies me through the Eufy App

When I go into Alexa and select it and set up a routine for Alexa to either message me when the door opens or Announce when the Door opens same for closing as well.

When I test the routine by playing it, it works, but when I open the door or close the door the message or announcement doesnt work though Alexa.

I’ve tried logging out of Alexa, disabling the Skill re-enabled the skill and sign back into Alexa but it still doesnt work.


Known issue with Eufy, See thread for Alexa issues.

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I decided to email Eufy support directly and they messaged back with the following

I understand that you want Alexa to announce to you when open or close the door. But sorry to tell you that the sensor doesn’t support working with Alexa’s routine currently. We’ll forward this concern to our engineer and hope they further consider its availability in the future firmware upgrade.


I had exacly the same respose on my ticket.

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It doesnt make a lot of sense though that you can still create a routine play the routine through Alexa and it works but when you open the door and close the door nothing happens

I emailed them back saying it sounds more like a bug than non existing functionality

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I have the same problem and although I am extremely pleased with the Eufy cameras and sensor I bought, I really need the system to integrate with other devices through the Alexa App. For example, I want my bedroom Echo Dot to warn me when a door or window is opened at night and perhaps some lights to flash because there is a high chance that I wont hear the 30 second siren from the homebase.

On reflection, if I’d known that Eufy Security products can’t be used in Alexa routines I would have purchased Blink.

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2021 now and it still is a problem- What Is so difficult?

Eufy Sensor appears as a sensor to Amazon Alexa but it doesn’t trigger the routine

Any date for a fix?



Still running into the same problem. Their sensor automations for homekit are inconsistent, and now I’m learning that their Alexa integration is literally nonexistent. They are happy to market integration with them both though.

Still after 2 years still no fix released.

I reached about that today and got identical reply

This is a must have and if this doesn’t work why they are advertising that they support alexa?

I have done extensive research into this. You can see in the Alexa app that the Contact sensor status is being updated between open and closed. However that status change within the Alexa app fails to trigger the Alexa routine. I have been in contact with Alexa application support and reported this. They agree that a problem exists within the Alexa Application. While the Alexa application does acknowledge the status changes it does not trigger routines. This is an issue on the Alexa application side.


Actually I did the research… I was logged into the wrong account when I made the comment!

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Very sad that this is still not working in August 2022. Wow!