Eufy battery doorbell - constant sound lag / delay in playback


I recently purchased the 2k battery doorbell, the homebase is setup via ethernet.

Everything seems to be working as it should, although I am having problems with the sound.

If I answer my door from my phone, there is a delay from when I speak to when that is played through the doorbell - I had read about this before the purchase and I can live with that.

The issue I am having however is that the sound on all saved clips / doorbell rings / motion detections is delayed by about 1-2 seconds. This is consistent throughout every single video.

I had read somewhere that changing the video settings from high to low might fix this but this didn’t make a difference for me.

As I say, the homebase is connected to the router with an ethernet cable and the doorbell has great WiFi signal.

Has anyone else had this and is there a fix? I have searched these forums but can’t see a similar post and I have tried contacting Eufy but had no response.

Please help!

I have serious delays when someone rings the doorbell. I cant even get a video feed. Horrible. Seems like Eufy is having a lot of problems with all sorts of devices. What are they doing over there? are they are in Quarantine? :o/

Is there already a solution?

I have a new doorbell (battery) to homebase2. I receive a notification of doorbell press, but it is 10-15 seconds before I can the app will respond to my request to see the video and interact with the caller, by which point, they are walking off!
I have seen lots of comments about lagging and delays, is this just the wireless version?

Audio delay on all my recorded videos has been an issue ever since installing my battery camera (wired). I’m sure Eufy (Anker) are aware of this, but obviously don’t consider it a priority problem, even though the end users do!