Eufy cam 2c on solar panel with pics

Hey folks,

I used to have Ring spotlight cam with solar panel and it was great. Never needed to charge it for 2 years.

I decided to get solar panel for eufy and plugged it in. It was £20 delivered from ebay.


So I’ve used this for a few days. I’ve discovered some issues.

Issue 1: This solar panel is for a Chinese WiFi camera A3… The problem with this solar panel is that it stops generating amperage when it’s in direct sunlight. It could be a issue with the panel or its trying not to deliver too much power.

Issue 2: The other issue is with the Eufy 2c, it’s showing charge indicator in the app and the blue led is on. This is dropping charge. Now this could be because the USB is connected as the solar panel isn’t generating any power at night.

Little odd. Issue 1 is okay as it generates a decent amount of amperage without direct sunlight plus only happens for about 2 hours due to where its mounted.

I’d recommend a different panel and I think the Eufy cam2c needs an update to support solar or not try to charge when usb is connected.

** Update **

So I decided to use my Ring solar panel. Got my self a DC to usb adaptor. The adaptor didn’t work because the the DC plug the Ring uses doesn’t make full contact. I had to use some copper wires to fix this.

Mouted it tonight so I will report back tomorrow.