Eufy cameras stop working with Google nest hub voice commands?

My eufy cameras and door bells stop showing videos on google nest hub when using voice command. Did it happen to anyone else and how to fix it?

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Yes exactly the same issue? I have all my eufy cameras and doorbell connected to both my Amazon Echo’s and Google Hub’s with routines to automatically show when a sensor or doorbell is pressed. It was working great, but three, four days ago nothing is stream to either my Echo Show’s or Google Hubs error message cannot connect to null, to cannot connect to smartphone check power and connections? Many users have also reported that it it not possible to stream any Eufy cameras from the Eufy Portal, which I can confirm does not work? I have tried every possible solution thinking I had an issue, from factory resetting to disabling the eufy skill. But no solution. I have contacted Eufy, there answer was reset my Echo Shows. Please report these issues with Eufy as I believe it is a server issue. I ultimately think if you are able to view your cameras on the Eufy portal then it will show on either Google Hub or Echo’s. it is very frustrating!! PLEASE REPORT TO EUFY! They replied no other users are complaining they have this issue,