Eufy doorbell app - better notification for doorbell press (keep ringing until answered, like phonecall)

Hello Eufy(!)

Compared to issues related to doorbell/homebase hardware this is a simple suggestion. Improve options in the EufySecurity app related to doorbell press notifications.

A toggle option to prolong the notification for 20~30sec until I respond (just like when I receive a phone call) would be ideal. At the moment I miss far too many doorbell notifications, especially when I’m out and about. If I could enable this option to “ring” (notify) until I respond it would mean I could be confident of actually finding out when someone is ringing my doorbell when I’m outside my house. At the moment I don’t have that confidence.

I’m using your Android app, but I expect this applies equally for you iOS app.





The notification for person detection and doorbell press appear identically on all our iOS devices. The only way we can decipher a doorbell press is Alexa announcing it. Having our phones “ringing” would be the perfect integration option, and still offer the basic notification for those who want it.

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