Eufy Doorbell Battery powered False Human Alerts

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It’s worse than you think. I have 6 things on my porch it thinks is a face. It will do it for car tires also. It’s been brought to support, but yet to be corrected.

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Yes. There was a time I wanted to pack it up and send it back, but I’m still here :-).

Just a little over a month. The activity zones help but it’s not perfect. My false facial detections were all during the night. It liked midnight for some reason. I have sensitivity set 1 from the highest. We like it and hope it will get better.

Dear user,

We are sorry for the inconvenience. It is recommended that you set the activity zone in the Motion Detection menu. If you have any usage problems, please contact our customer team via
And AI will be more and more accurate in continuous training. Do you mind donating this video to us to train AI? There is a function at the bottom of your screenshot to donate videos.

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